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  • Re: SubmitToSharePointList - Repeating Table and Additional Fields

    Hilary, thanks so much for responding so quickly! I've modified the mapping...see below. Please confirm that it looks correct. Yes, I did drag the Error node onto my form and the GenerateGuid command worked. With the modified mapping, I am now no longer even getting prompted to login to the SharePoint...
    Posted to Qdabra qRules (Forum) by Keeferk on 07-05-2011
  • SubmitToSharePointList - Repeating Table and Additional Fields

    I have a form with 11 fields in a repeating table. There are also 6 "header" fields that apply to each of the rows in the repeating table. This form is client based, created in InfoPath 2010, but saved to work with InfoPath 2007. The intention is that field personnel use it to do inventory...
    Posted to Qdabra qRules (Forum) by Keeferk on 07-03-2011
  • SubmitToSharePointList, /id=my:id

    What if there is no id field in the form? I'm getting this error, without the id parameter in the Command field, since I don't have it in the form: An unexpected error occurred executing the rule. Action: SubmitToSharePointList Arguments: submit: ShPSubmitGFMC mapping: mappingGFMC Details: Expression...
    Posted to Qdabra qRules (Forum) by Nancy Young on 12-08-2010
  • Two mapping files in one InfoPath form

    I had the trial version of qRules 2.2 working perfectly, in a fairly complex form with lots of views and electronic signatures. Now, the project has "bloomed". Here's what I want: Original goal: one form to ultimately be a finished Minutes file, with electronic signatures. The discussion...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by Nancy Young on 12-01-2010
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