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  • Add SharePoint List Items with InfoPath

    One very useful feature of Microsoft SharePoint is its ability to create and maintain lists that users can leverage to store, view, and share items with other users of the SharePoint site. It is often desirable to be able to view these items and to add additional items with an InfoPath form; one such...
    Posted to Matt Faus (Weblog) by Matt Faus on 02-02-2006
  • Pass Parameters to InfoPath

    There is sometimes the need to pass arguments to InfoPath when opening a form. You either want to switch to a specific view, or maybe want to turn on a diagnostic feature in your code. By leveraging the merge functionality of InfoPath, you can pass simple arguments or a complex set of data to your form...
    Posted to Jim Cantwell (Weblog) by Jim Cantwell on 09-14-2005
  • Use the SharePoint '[Me]' Filter with a Promoted Property

    When saving InfoPath forms to SharePoint document libraries you might need to limit the forms users see. For example, if you have an established workflow, you might want to limit users to see only those forms that are assigned to them. SharePoint provides a special filter so that users can see, for example...
    Posted to Greg Collins (Weblog) by Greg Collins on 09-08-2005
  • Prevent the File Download Security Warning

    After installing InfoPath 2003 SP1 you may have noticed when you try to open an InfoPath form template (see Figure 1) or form (see Figure 2) from a Web site or from SharePoint that a new File Download dialog box appears. These warning dialog boxes can quickly become annoying. You can prevent these dialog...
    Posted to Greg Collins (Weblog) by Greg Collins on 07-28-2004
  • SharePoint Columns Don't Use Real XPaths to Get Their Data

    Suppose you have a schema with the following structure: myfields ns1:coolDocument coolField ns2:coolDocument coolField When you save your form to SharePoint, if you select to promote both coolField entries, then the promotion will fail for the 2nd entry (actually, it will read the first entry instead...
    Posted to Patrick Halstead (Weblog) by Patrick Halstead on 07-08-2004
  • SharePoint List Adapter Only Returns 100 Items

    SharePoint list adapters are really cool because they give you the ability to query a data source that is easily editable via Internet Explorer (as opposed to a SQL database which requires more work to build a UI around data manipulation). InfoPath relies on getListData web service to return the items...
    Posted to Patrick Halstead (Weblog) by Patrick Halstead on 07-05-2004
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