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  • Submit

    We have a browser based form that collect information about new starters. To make it easier for our managers, is there a way to have a Submit button, that will save the form and close it, and call it the combination of the forename and surname fields. Again, thanks for any help at all. Ben
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Ben Brown on 06-05-2008
  • Re: Save and Save As default to form name?

    Found it. public void FormEvents_Save(object sender, SaveEventArgs e) { string userPrincipalName = MainDataSource.CreateNavigator().SelectSingleNode("//my:userPrincipalName", NamespaceManager).InnerXml; string projectName = MainDataSource.CreateNavigator().SelectSingleNode("//my:project"...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by ehaze on 05-14-2008
  • Urget Please: Can't save data from rich text box to database ... please read on

    Here is the scenario, in my form I’ve following fields in this order. SAVE: is a button on the form. It has a rule to set values and call Web Service which calls Store Procedure to Insert/Update to database. Regular text box: A Rich text box: B Drop down: C I open the form, enter data and SAVE . Everything...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by cocodog123 on 11-16-2007
  • URGETN: Mimic browser form's toolbar "Save" option through a button on the form

    Hi Guys, Problem : I want to create a Save option on the form. Normally, we can create a submit connection to a library and do it that way. But we want to make the library URL relative so that if we deploy from one server to another we don't have to update the submit data connection. Any of these...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by cocodog123 on 10-24-2007
  • Mandatory fields only in the view your in??

    Hi Is it possible to have mandatory fields based on the current view. I have a form with 4 views. Each view is a slightly different form that required some mandatory fields. At the moment of course ALL mandatory fields must be filled in before you can save a form. Is it possible to make the form so that...
    Posted to Views (Forum) by buzzby on 07-16-2007
  • Submit action for One View Vs Multiple Views.

    Hi All, I have multiple views on a Form and each view has fields pertaining to its context. Now how do I allow saving of changes on just the current view as I need to do data validation only on the current view. In my current implemention I have a Submit to Database on a View and users are shown to correct...
    Posted to Views (Forum) by tcsqa_engineer on 06-26-2007
  • saving a web form

    I have a infopath 2007 form that I have created using visual studio 2005 (C# code) and published to a infopath forms server. the form has digital signing and submission features. My problem is that i am unable to save the form. The toolbar at the bottom and top of the form does not have the Save link...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by mshukla on 05-28-2007
  • Display a Save As Dialog Box

    If your form template is set to full trust security, InfoPath provides the Save() and SaveAs() methods for you to save your form via code. Although InfoPath does not provide a method for you to display the Save As dialog box to the user, it is possible to do this using managed code and the .NET Framework...
    Posted to Greg Collins (Weblog) by Greg Collins on 03-08-2006
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