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  • Form buttons: 'Save & Copy' and 'Save & New'

    Hi all, I'm creating an InfoPath form that Submits to a SharePoint List in 2010 and will be used by a team of people inputting data. Sometimes they need to input lots of records that are almost identical to each other except for maybe one field. To save them from having to fill out the entire form...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by Theonus on 01-23-2014
  • How can I convert the Encoded Absolute URL of a form into something friendly?

    Hi, Help, please. How can I capture the “Encoded Absolute URL” and create a friendly hyperlink. I’m working on a workflow that sends an email with that URL. I want to replace this: For something like this: Open form Thanks in advanced.
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by Ramon84 on 01-18-2012
  • GetUserProfileByname

    hi Folks, We have a rather complex and usiness essential form that needs to be migrated from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010. The form is designed to use the GetUserProfileByName (thanks Clayton, your Blog was a godsend) to retrieve various details for the logged in user and his or her manager. edit: For...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by mjphelan on 01-18-2012
  • File attachment control doesn't see files with a long filename when form is opened in browser

    Hello, File attachment control works well when short filenames are used. Error appears if filename's lenght is above 30 symbols, after click on "Upload" link. Error: "The selected file was not found." It appears only when form is displayed as web page, when opened in the client...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by S.Bannikov on 06-21-2011
  • debugging a complicated form & daylight savings calculuations

    Hi guys, I have a rather complicated web based change control form, that allows you to pick a region, and the form will automatically put that regions current timezone in. In the above image, there is a dropdown box (populated by a list in sharepoint) that allows you to pick a region, when the region...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by pyrocam on 05-08-2011
  • Dropdown Hyperlink to display other form

    I have two forms one for is ASI and the PR, when the user fills out the PR form there is a dropdown to select the ASI form that it is related to. after the form is filled out i would like to open the PR form and pick the ASI field and open the ASI Form. Both are web forms. It would work just like a lookup...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by hucktx on 03-14-2011
  • Peoplepicker in Browser

    Hi, I'm trying to make a people picker for in the browser. But when I follow the tutorial, I can fill in the name of search for a name and when I click at ok of check if the user exists the peoplepicker is getting grey and disabled. Who can help me?
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by Gynnad on 10-15-2010
  • InfoPath + SAP + Web Service

    How to integrate InfoPath with SAP and return value using Web service. Please advice. Any example. Thanks... :)
    Posted to Web Services (Forum) by Amiko on 09-22-2010
  • Re: Open word document from Infopath

    Hi There, I hope this will be helpful to you, Open your form using InfoPath and do the following accordingly; 1. Select controls -> under Advanced double click on Hyperlink. 2. Under insert Hyperlink dialog box "link to" Address -> Provide the path of the word document (a valid path)...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by Intiqab Rawoof on 08-19-2010
  • AD lookup from an alias or badge field to retrieve email, etc

    Hello, I have an InfoPath browser form that I publish to a SharePoint MOSS enterprise form services form library. This form needs (IF POSSIBLE) a no-code solution. I have a text field called Alias/Badge # where a manager types in an employees AD account alias or badge field. After a button is pressed...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by Eric Schrader on 06-24-2010
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