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  • Qd Form Stats XTP

    Qd Form Stats XTP Record stats when a form is opened, saved, submitted, … Store data for auditing questions. For example, did user ever open this form? Track how long it takes users to fill out a form Store date and time in UTC Cross time zone comparisons Consistent data for reporting Add metrics...
  • Central Flows SharePoint XTP

    Central Flows SharePoint XTP Sneak Preview The Central Flows SharePoint’s XTP is a reusable template part which can give any form an immediate ability to have a workflow with email notifications and other features/components such as: 2FA or 2 Factor Authentication / Authy for security Lock Form...
  • Qd DateTime Control XTP

    Qd DateTime Control XTP Click to view Demo Form Are you painstakingly entering time values manually to your form's date and time fields? Would you like to enter and display time values in a quicker manner? The Qd DateTime Control XTP is designed to assist your form's Date and Time Control fields...
  • Qd AutoLogout XTP

    Qd AutoLogout XTP v2 Click to view Demo Form This is a template part (XTP) that you can use on your form to automatically logout inactive users after a few seconds/minutes of being idle and auto-save without data loss. It has the following benefits which includes: Prevent timeout errors – after...
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