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  • Infopath attachment

    Hi All, I am using sharepoint InfoPath form and the form has the word document as attachment. I want to download the attachment to my local system. I am reading the form in xml format and using xpath query to filter the attachment and it is coming in encode format. I used base64decode but the...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Lokesh on 12-04-2015
  • Re: Validate File Extension in attachement

    I made a rules based validation for this kind of an issue for .pdf extensions The Expression (contains(substring(., 33, 300), "AuAHAAZABm") =False and contains(substring(., 33, 300), "LgBwAGQAZg")= False and contains(substring(., 33, 300), "AC4AcABkAGY")=False ) There are...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Mescher on 04-22-2015
  • File Attachment Control

    Hi, I have a number of File Attachment Controls. I want to be able to allow certain users to attach documents, and other users to be able to view the documents, but not delete or edit them. I have used conditional formatting and "disabled" the control. But the users who need to look at the...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Catharine on 12-01-2010
  • The form cannot be submitted because the form could not be added to the e-mail message as a file attachment.

    Two of my customers are receiving the above message. The form works flawless for 30+ other customers, including myself. The form is posted in a document library on a SharePoint site. The error occurs after the customer has clicked 'Submit' on one specific InfoPath form. The InfoPath form template...
    Posted to General (Forum) by appelgw on 07-14-2010
  • Secondary data connections with File Attachments

    I have a web service returning a dataset which includes File Attachments or Pictures. The data originally came from InfoPath File Attachments or Pictures (base64binary data). When I go through the data connection wizard to set up the connection, it correctly creates an item for the base64binary field...
    Posted to General (Forum) by David Fingerhut on 01-20-2010
  • Is it possible to submit a completed form to an email, and save it to a database at the same time?

    I apologize if I sound unfamiliar with Infopath. I have only been using it about a week. I have created several dropdown menus and forms. I would like to be able to have someone fill out a form and email it to a specific location, but at the same time have the completed form saved or send it to a database...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Trent on 10-02-2009
  • Attachment Field - adding read-only file

    Hi All, Basically i have a very simple scenario, i have an email on my hard drive called test1.msg. I want to add this file to an attachment control (theattachmentnode2) which i've done through the below code: Dim theAttachmentNode2 As XPathNavigator = Me .CreateNavigator().SelectSingleNode( "...
    Posted to General (Forum) by cwelsh on 09-17-2009
  • How to remove attachments of outlook mail message while using "XDocument.UI.ShowMailItem" method

    Hi All, I am designing an InfoPath 2003 form & writing code in Javascript. I have a button on form to send a mail to users with some of the form nodes. I am using " XDocument.UI.ShowMailItem " method to send mail code part. This method sending form as attachment in outlook. That is fine...
    Posted to General (Forum) by bejjanki05 on 01-23-2009
  • Programmitically Attach a file

    Hello! I have been pouring over this site and also googled my fingers to the bone looking for a solution to my problem. I am trying to attach a file to an IP 2003 Form. I have created the Attachment Control and figured out how to create the file I need via jscript. I then have code that creates an email...
    Posted to General (Forum) by LGrote on 04-01-2008
  • File attachments, Web servers and SQL Databases - Help please

    Hi - Using Infopath 2007, I have set up a form with 50ish fields and potentially 20 or so file attachments. This form is published in a sharepoint document library, but I want to be able to save some of the information to a SQL Server database. I have set up the SQL Server db - the fields to store the...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Catharine on 10-11-2007
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