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  • How can I extract multiple attachments from an single xml file?

    I would like to extract multiple attachments from an single xml file. How can I achieve using c# code ?
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by Praveen Manne on 11-20-2017
  • How to get the printview and the XSLT file for it?

    Hi! I'd like to be able to automate converting an InfoPath Filler form (with checkboxes) to PDF, without the user having to do anything. The forms are located in SharePoint Online library. As Export to pdf doesn't work with checkboxes, I thought about using the PrintDocument class (C#) and printing...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by hansebs on 01-02-2017
  • Re: Shared network, managed code error

    Ok here it is! I can't add a file that exceeds 500kb and my word file is 5Mo so I made a pdf and uploaded it on my Google Drive account. Here's the link to view it: Otherwise I don't know how to share you so many...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by AndreaP on 11-03-2016
  • Save the form locally

    I have been trying to work on the save feature of InfoPath forms and i am new to this environment. I have an Infopath form hosted on the Sharepoint site. The form needs to be saved after getting filled and then further distribute it so that other people can edit and save their copy. I want to have a...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Gurpreet on 09-28-2016
  • Shared network, managed code error

    Hi !! As I always say, I'm a newbie with InfoPath but I managed to learn a lot! I made a form that has a managed code where are these two very important codes: SetSaveAsDialogLocation and SetSaveAsDialogFilename. They work, wouhou! They work on my computer, a Windows 8 and they work on my collegue's...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by AndreaP on 09-12-2016
  • Saving as and location predetermined without using sharepoint

    Hi all! I'm new with InfoPath and I'm not a programmer or anything so I basically spend hours on forums while doing my InfoPath file... I'm also French, all that means that, I need easy English answers and step-by-step instructions with coding because I'm learning. I'm using InfoPath...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by AndreaP on 08-26-2016
  • Extracting fields value in code C#

    I'm trying to extract a controls fields value in C#, here is the following code: public void CTRL128_14_Clicked(object sender, ClickedEventArgs e) { //Declare our variables string fileName; XPathNavigator nameNode; //Set the values. Replace "/my:myFields/my:textField" with the xpath to...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Varmond on 08-09-2016
  • On Before Close (C#)

    Hi, I'd like to run a code before close my infopath form (just a question), but i don't know how, it's not working. :( I tried the FormClosing, OnbeforeClose, but nothing. :( Is there any suggestion what should i do?
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Nandrew on 08-05-2016
  • Can i disable the infopath form screen while I run code in the background?

    Is there a way I can disable the InfoPath form while I run commands in the background that are updating SQL Server tables via C#? Like what you can do with VB : Application.ScreenUpdating = False If not does InfoPath have a progress bar I can call that I can update while the processing is being done...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by ISUGraber on 07-08-2016
  • Send email via C# From InfoPath Form

    I'm trying to send an email from InfoPath after my code has run updating the tables I have on the back end. I got this to work with SMTP but in order for that to work my form would need to be set to Full Trust. So I started trying to work with ADO Query and call a stored procedure to do this. Problem...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by ISUGraber on 07-07-2016
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