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  • Date format in date control field type

    When using InfoPath, the default DATE data type does not have a input recognition when entering only digits such as (41315) to (4/13/15). How to change the user input automatically of number/digits into a date format?
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by davydcondy on 09-14-2015
  • Add item to numbered list box with c# or rules in Infopath?

    Hi I have an Infopath form with a number of drop down list boxes populated with different data. When a button is clicked I want the selected value taken from each drop down box and then added to a numbered list box. There will be a number of entrys to the numbered list box. How do i do this? I can only...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by aido222 on 02-11-2013
  • Can I have a Rule operate on the selected node only?

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody knew if there is a way to have a rule operate on the selected node in a repeating table without performing the rule on the rest of the nodes. I realized that this is a major drag on the performance of my form, considering the multiple views with multiple repeating tables...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Patrick on 09-02-2008
  • Repeating Cascading Lists of Cascading Lists, v1.0

    Available Versions JScript VBScript VB.NET C# V1 SP1 ü ü Techniques Demonstrated: Cascading drop-down list boxes in successive repeating tables. Filter duplicate entries. Filter previous selections. Use XSL current() function to ensure proper cascade. Secondary data source to populate drop...
    Posted to Samples and templates (FileGallery) by Greg Collins on 09-01-2006
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