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  • CAML Queries (Display vs Internal) Field Names in 2010

    I trying to execute a CAML Query (using SPQuery) and the fields in my Where clause have spaces in them. One of the fields has a Display Name of "Form Type". I have tried "Form Type", "Form_x0020_Type" and "Form%5fx0020%5fType" in my code but my queries do not work...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Paradiddle on 03-11-2013
  • UpdateListItems + CAML + File Attachment

    Hello! I am trying to include an attachment in some already working code that creates a new item in a SharePoint list. I have read that you can do this by including the attachment as a field in your CAML document. The field will hold an encoded string that represents the file. I want to do this using...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by rZ3A8zj8neCW3K on 08-23-2010
  • Transfer Values from a SP GetListItems query to a InfoPath Repeating Table

    I have a SharePoint 2007 list that I am attempting to query using the SP GetListItems web service and then write the returned values to a repeating table in InfoPath 2007. I am very close to putting this altogether but am having trouble selecting the data I want in the query results. Thanks in advance...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by gally on 04-06-2010
  • Contact Selector

    hello i need help i'm just doing a approval workflows to SharePoint 2007 with Visual Studio (C#).. and i have a contact selector in the initiation form, so i need to read this value from the form to pass to my workflow (onWorkFlowActivated and Task WorkFlow), so if any one can help please...i'm...
    Posted to General (Forum) by olver on 02-01-2010
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