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  • Delete rows when checkbox is false

    I have a simple requirement, but cannot figure out the code: having a repeating table with several columns and a 'verified' checkbox. on button click, delete all rows of a repeating table where the checkbox is not checked, so leaving only the rows with checked boxes.
    Posted to Code (Forum) by joubin on 03-06-2023
  • Refresh button in InfoPath 2010

    How do i write the code for button so the page will refresh and blank the form without putting the Submit button?
    Posted to General (Forum) by jannahbuang on 03-11-2014
  • "The name does not exist in the current context"

    Hello- I have code that allows an infopath form to edit items in a sharepoint list. The only problem I'm having is that i get the error: the name "e" does not exist in the current context. Here's my code: using Microsoft.Office.InfoPath; using System; using System.Xml; using System...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by arothacker on 10-23-2013
  • Submit Button Code Error

    Hi, I have coded a button in my IP2010 Library Form that will iterate through a repeating table and a repeating section and submit those values together line by line to a list in SP2010. However, after multiple attempts to update and fix the code, I get the following error: "Business logic failed...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Jim Shorts on 05-03-2013
  • Programmatically Copy Date Field From Secondary Connection Reapeating Table into Date Field within Main Connection Reapting Table

    Hi, I currently have an IP2010 Library Form that populates a repeating table from a secondary connection (table that is left of the solid black line). Within that secondary connection, I've created a button on each row of the repeating table the the user can click and it will populate a new row within...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Jim Shorts on 04-28-2013
  • How to create excel file from InfoPath xml

    Hi, Is there a way to create excel file from InfoPath xml data? When something like button clicked event happens, I want to write a c# code behind to convert InfoPath xml data to create excel file. Is there a way to do this? How do I code it? Thanks.
    Posted to Code (Forum) by gombear on 08-15-2011
  • How to code in C# to print for web browser form

    Hi, I am creating a print button in InfoPath 2010 form. It is web browser only form (Not InfoPath rich). What or How do I code print function? this.Print() is not available for web-based form. Thanks.
    Posted to Code (Forum) by gombear on 08-15-2011
  • Reset all field including Query fields

    Hello Team I am new with infopath software. Currenly I have connected infopath form to access database. I have used query field and to search out data (part of field value) from database by using some C# programming code. After searching data it gives me data in repeating table. Now I want to clear all...
    Posted to General (Forum) by gshetye on 03-15-2011
  • infopath submitted xml files how to merge into one file

    How to merge multiple xml files submitted from infopath web service? i have about 10 xml files with same structure (repeating tables) and almost same content. I just want to merge that repeating tables into one big table. is that possible? if possible how to do that? Thank you
    Posted to Code (Forum) by tobi418 on 06-13-2010
  • Button "Actions" question

    I have a form based on Access database. In the Button Properties, there are several "Action" entries to choose from like "Run Query", "Submit" and "New Record". My question is, is there a way these "Actions" can be called/executed using C# code? Any help...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by jettpogi on 01-21-2010
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