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  • Drop Down List with Repeating control and C#

    I found some code to help me fill a drop down list that is listed here. It works fine. However, I need the drop down list to display a friendly choice while the back-end should pass a number value. I don't know where to enter this. Can anybody help by looking at this code? I fill a repeating control...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by SeanPRyan on 02-08-2013
  • When submit the infopath form need to open an another infopath Form

    I have a Infopath Form to Submit Basic infomation, When submit that form, based on the inputs and current user create a new form using another infopath template. Please guide me how to open another infopath Form using infopath code behind (c#)
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Jenkins on 11-05-2012
  • Re: btnSubmit_Clicked with both Rules and Code Behind

    I went through that page in detail earlier. It was very close. But I did arrive at a solution finally. Sometimes I over think it. I created a new section in my Infopath Form and called it WholePage. I then copied the entire form into this section. Then I created a new section and called it ThanksSection...
    Posted to General (Forum) by SeanPRyan on 05-30-2012
  • btnSubmit_Clicked with both Rules and Code Behind

    Can you fire off multiple rules and also put code into the code behind in VSTA? I have 3 rules associated with a given button as it relates to fields on my form. MakeTrue (sets a fields value), SubmitMe (Submit using Data Connection) and CloseOutForm (Close No Prompt). CloseOutForm doesn't Stop Processing...
    Posted to General (Forum) by SeanPRyan on 05-29-2012
  • Ink Picture Control > Flatten Digital Ink Signature

    Infopath 2007, trying to follow the instructions listed here: // User is done signing -- lock down the control. inkPicture1.InkEnabled = false; My newbie question and forgive me if it's painfully obvious and I'm missing it...but the instructions...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by QuinnDawg on 04-19-2012
  • Re: Programming

    Sky, that's quite an open ended question - but I will try to give you a few ideas. You should first and foremost learn how to use the InfoPath tool itself before delving into the code-behind. This is a good forum to gain some more detail. Go pick up a book or find some tutorials by searching on Google...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by SeanPRyan on 04-04-2012
  • Re: Form with Code Behind borrows 500MB during publishing

    Although I can fix this problem, I haven't found the reason this happens yet and was still wondering; is there was a way to prevent this. It's like, the amount continues to grow over time. So, today I publish a single form and I continue to play, augment and republish the form over and over making...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by SeanPRyan on 03-13-2012
  • Re: Form with Code Behind borrows 500MB during publishing

    Thanks for the reply, Hilary. I appreciate it. Yes, I have pulled what I feel is most relevant and trimmed it. Here's what I see: 03/02/2012 10:10:37.20 w3wp.exe (0x01E8) 0x1208 Forms Server Forms Services Deployment 6ins Medium ConversionAppDomain: Creating new AppDomain for conversion 03/02/2012...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by SeanPRyan on 03-02-2012
  • Form with Code Behind borrows 500MB during publishing

    I figured I'd ask this in the coding forum since this 2007 form does have code behind that grabs data from a SQL DB. The form works flawlessly; however, when I publish updates to my SharePoint Library under Central Admin it takes about 4 minutes and then fails. The whole time this is happening, I...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by SeanPRyan on 02-29-2012
  • Repeating table - Print View

    Hi, I've been given a form which has repeating tables on it. The repeating table allows a user to add a row and enter some information. The information they enter can be any size. The users have requested the ability to print out the form. I've managed to get this working, but they've commented...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Qurator on 06-20-2011
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