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  • how to stop browser going back to server each time change in the form?

    Hi, We have a very slow performance of some complex InfoPath forms we have. Expecially when users access them from geographically far locations and have low bandwidth. These forms are not managed-code forms, they have more than 5 Views each and each View consists of approximately 20 dropdowns/textboxes...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by rom@n on 10-22-2009
  • Forcing forms to open in Infopath from search results

    We have Infopath forms that are created and modified with Infopath client. When we search forms and try to open form from search results, it tries to open in browser and gives an error. Form is not browser-compatible. We have Infopath 2007, MOSS 2007 and the forms are submitted to MOSS-library. ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by MikaL on 09-07-2009
  • Setting Up Data Connection

    My goal is to use a browser enabled InfoPath form on SharePoint that will store data in a SQL Database. I have used the Qdabra Administration Tool to map the fields on my form to the Database. How do I go about publishing the InfoPath form?
    Posted to Qdabra Database Accelerator (Forum) by wsharp on 06-30-2009
  • Copying Repeating Table in Repeating Section to next iteration of Repeating Section

    Hello, I have a Meeting Minutes Infopath Form with A repeating section ( MeetingMinutes ) that contains a repeating table ( AttendeesList ) that contains two columns ( Attendees [text box] and Absent [check box]. the repeating Section has many other fields but one of interest in this issue is a running...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by harp71 on 06-29-2009
  • Formula - Function Help

    Hi all, I'm trying to put together a formula to return the "Highest" severity recorded in a form. The users have 4 choices: Negligible (1), Low (2), Medium (3), High (4). There are 10 questions on the form, if the user picks "Low" for nine questions, and picks High on one question...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by SPS Cortez on 03-04-2009
  • Strategies for database management . . . one for the MVPs

    Dear All, I am an absolute beginner with Infopath, and I'm seeking advice on sound strategies and the best practices for working with databases. My database has triggers to manage audit fields (e.g. created by, created on), and PK/FK referential integrity in place. I'm seeking to utilise Infopath...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Donna Kelly on 02-14-2009
  • Moving infopath .xml file from extranet to intranet

    Hi, I have a infopath project in which I have an "application form" to be published to extranet. I need to create another "recruitment form" based on 'Application form's data to be used in intranet. How should this be done? My first idea was create identical data structure...
    Posted to General (Forum) by hietaval on 01-21-2009
  • mouseover events on entries of dropdown list

    Hello there, is it possible to start a function, when hovering over entries of an dropdown list. I'm working on an order form and I want to display images of the articles the user is hovering over. Is that possible ? Thanks in advance. Regards Matthias
    Posted to Code (Forum) by tylkomat on 11-27-2008
  • empty entries in drop down list

    Hello there, I'm populating a List through code. I get the entries for the dropdown from a sharepoint list which has a lookup. The list holds informations about articles and has a lookup the specific colors for each article. Through the lookup I get a String for the colors which looks like this:...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by tylkomat on 11-27-2008
  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Hello there, I have 3 connected dropdown lists in my Infopath form. Selecting values from the first dropdown filters the entries in the second one and selecting a value in the second one will filter the entries of the third one. When selecting a value the second dropdown I get the "Object reference...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by tylkomat on 11-27-2008
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