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  • Re: Establish how the form was opened!!

    Perhaps it might help if I explain why I want to do this I want to be able to pass data from the first form to the second a little like how i think Application.XDocuments.NewFromSolutionWithData works (which I&#39;m also trying to get working). However, if I can&#39;t I can use the fix of knowing how the form was opened. If I knew this, I ...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by TerryB on 02-24-2010
  • Re: Establish how the form was opened!!

    Thanks for the quick response - I won&#39; sleep tonight if I don&#39;t figure this out :-)&nbsp; I&#39;m not sure I fully understand!! node &quot;OpenedFromEstimate&quot; is part of the Work Order xsn DOM - how can I set this from the Estimate xsn DOM?
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by TerryB on 02-24-2010
  • Establish how the form was opened!!

    Hi, I&#39;m trying to establish how an infopath form was opened.Is it possible to establish if a form was opened using var fred = Application.XDocuments.Open(&quot;C:\\form1.xml&quot;); from another form or if it was opened direct by clicking on it?&nbsp; &nbsp; Regards, &nbsp;
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by TerryB on 02-24-2010
  • Re: Using CHM files in InfoPath custom task pane

    Hilary, Please could you explain a little more how this works. I&#39;m trying to create a hyperlink in my form to open a chm file, but no progress! If I type mk:@MSITStore:\c::: in a hyperlink it adds mailto: at the start and when clicked opens an email! If I type the line direct to a browser it works, but only displays the ...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by TerryB on 02-02-2010
  • Re: How to reuse submitted info in a section in one form into another form (with Sharepoint help)?

    Hi Lenka, Options are :- 1.) Promote the cut across fields from form 1 as list items in the library, then connect to the form library as a data connection from form 2 just as you connect to any other sharepoint list. Presumably you have a common key that you could use to get the correct data into form 2. 2.) write the data to a completely ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by TerryB on 12-09-2009
  • Re: Checkin Form on MOSS Submit

    Patrick, do you have the code (WSS 2003) that you refer to to checkin/checkout the form? Thanks,
    Posted to General (Forum) by TerryB on 11-12-2009
  • Fully Trusted Forms

    Hi, &nbsp;Please could someone explain - I&#39;m confused!! I use IP 2003 &amp; MOSS 2003 - is there anyway I can deploy a form to a form Lib that can be fully trusted without all the fuss about users registering the form etc.? I don&#39;t mind users being asked when they open a form if they trust the author - just like I suppose Excel does when ...
    Posted to Qdabra qRules (Forum) by TerryB on 10-11-2009
  • Custom task panes

    Two questions associated to task panes Is it possible to display and infopath view in a custom task pane? Is it possible in code to deploy a customised help file? I&#39;m developing a complex form that is to be used to manage a process and I&#39;d like the users to be able to press F1 (or a form control button) and see information about ...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by TerryB on 09-07-2009
  • Copying XHTML content

    Hi guys, I have a node with XHTML content in it. I need to set this content into another node using JavaScript but I can&#39;t work out the last step. In order to get the relevant XHTML information out I have to use &quot;.xml&quot; because &quot;.text&quot; strips the XHTML information, but when I try and set it into the receiver node, ...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by TerryB on 06-12-2009
  • Re: Setting specific repeating table row value

    I have managed to do this by using the master/detail table feature. I changed the detail section to just one of the row fields and set it to be an option button - works a treat! &nbsp; Thanks
    Posted to Code (Forum) by TerryB on 09-17-2008
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