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  • Re: Capitalize first letter of all words

    &nbsp;Hi Julian, &nbsp;I&#39;m attaching a form that demonstrates how you&nbsp;can do this. The technique is a little tricky, but you can&nbsp;add the functionality&nbsp;to your own form by doing the following: Export the Iterator.xml file from the form&#39;s resource files Add it to your own form as an XML file data source Copy over the ...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Jimmy on 03-26-2015
  • Re: how to take 30 minutes from an =now() formula

    &nbsp;You could also use: &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; substring(addSeconds(now(), -1800), 12, 5)&nbsp;
    Posted to General (Forum) by Jimmy on 02-18-2015
  • Re: Password View Creation

    Hi Glenn, &nbsp;&nbsp; What is it specifically that you are asking about? Are you asking about how to verify a user&#39;s credentials against a database? Or how to set up a view to allow the user to enter their password? &nbsp;
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Jimmy on 01-12-2015
  • Re: Rules work on create, not on edit

    Hi Jesse, &nbsp; &nbsp;This isn&#39;t an issue I&#39;ve seen before. As one thing to try, could you see what happens if you blank out the people picker fields before&nbsp;you assign new values to them?&nbsp;I have had luck in the past with blanking out fields in browser forms when they weren&#39;t behaving right.&nbsp;
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by Jimmy on 12-22-2014
  • Re: help with double eval and duplicates

    Yes, you can simply put the predicate with the groupName path rather than the eval path:&nbsp;&nbsp;eval(eval(path/to/my:groupName[not(my:fieldName = preceding-sibling::my:groupName/my:fieldName)], &#39;concat(my:fieldName, &quot;; &quot;)&#39;), &quot;..&quot;)
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Jimmy on 10-15-2014
  • Re: Multiple selection box + Substracting cascading dropdown list

    This is definitely possible if code is involved, but I&#39;m having a very hard time thinking of any way it could be done with no code at all. There are just too many degrees of indirection. One way to&nbsp;accomplish this would be to use qRules&#39; Transform command (though it would still require a bit&nbsp;of tricky manœuvering). Would you ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Jimmy on 10-14-2014
  • Re: Double eval, concat formula does not keep comma separator

    &nbsp;Since the rule is executing in the context of the repeating field, you need to go up the node tree and back down in order for the formula to&nbsp;capture all of them. Like this:eval(eval(../SheetOfPaper, &#39;concat(., &quot;, &quot;)&#39;), ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Jimmy on 06-23-2014
  • Re: Does code behind always require Microsoft.SharePoint.dll?

    &nbsp;The SharePoint DLL should only be needed if your code makes use of the SharePoint object model. So in short, it should be entirely possible to write InfoPath code behind for a lot of tasks without this DLL.
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by Jimmy on 06-23-2014
  • Re: Double eval, concat formula does not keep comma separator

    When you say ProgramDepartmentSelect is the &quot;group&quot; of your multi-select, does that mean it&#39;s an acual group (shown as a folder icon in the data source taskpane) or is it the actual field (shown as a sheet of paper in the taskpane)? The latter is what you should be using in your formula. As far as getting the formula to recalculate ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Jimmy on 06-22-2014
  • Re: Fill rich text field with formatted data from list - how can this be done?

    &nbsp;If you are ok with having users access the form in Filler mode (in the InfoPath client), then you shouldn&#39;t need any elevated permissions to publish the form, just regular Contributor permissions. Is this a browser form? Just so you know, qRules provides a command called CopyRichText that makes it really easy to copy rich text from ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Jimmy on 06-22-2014
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