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  • More Details on Task Form

    I&#39;ve got an InfoPath form&nbsp;that starts a workflow , which assigns a task. I&#39;ve create&nbsp;the&nbsp;task form through&nbsp;a SPD&nbsp;workflow. On&nbsp;that task form I&#39;ve added a DataFormWebPart in SharePoint Designer. The&nbsp;web part&nbsp;that contains information &nbsp;from the library that starts the workflow. What I want to ...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by pnewhook on 12-10-2008
  • Complete Workflow Task From Browser Form

    I&#39;ve made an InfoPath browser enabled form that needs two levels of approval before it is complete. In a SPD workflow I&#39;ve used &quot;Collect Data From User&quot; to create an approval task. When the user sees their task there is a radio button for Approve or Reject and a Comments box. Below this is a link to the InfoPath form linked to ...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by pnewhook on 11-25-2008
  • Re: How do I make an InfoPath form Workflow Enabled

    I know there is a workflow on the library. In fact the workflow even starts but stalls at &quot;Starting&quot; status. &quot;Workflow Enabled&quot; is a column at Central Admin, it was set to No when i first uploaded and i can&#39;t find a way to change it.
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by pnewhook on 11-25-2008
  • Re: programmatically change permisstion of an item in a list

    take a look at this project.;it&#39;s a bunch of workflow activites. The permission activities work quite well. You can either deploy them and use them in SPD or just examine the code.
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by pnewhook on 11-24-2008
  • How do I make an InfoPath form Workflow Enabled

    I&#39;ve deployed an Infopath form to central admin. However it is not Workflow Enabled. The library that&#39;s using the template has a workflow on it but when an item is created in the library it stalls at &quot;Starting&quot; status. I assume this is related to the workflow enabled settings. Any help is appreciated. &nbsp;My Config: -MOSS ...
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by pnewhook on 11-24-2008
  • Re: Publishing Form Erases Views

    I think there may be some confusion. The InfoPath views are fine. The problem is the views in the SharePoint Library. But thanks for your response, I hadn&#39;t yet looked at the raw XML behind the form.
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by pnewhook on 11-04-2008
  • Publishing Form Erases Views

    Hi I have an incredibly frustrating problem with Infopath libraries. I have created a forms library by publishing a form. I then created about a dozen specifiec views. When i republish with some new fields being promoted it wipes out all the filters and specific columns of the view and reverts back to the default columns for all the views. ...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by pnewhook on 10-30-2008
  • re: Add Language Localization to a Form

    I've got the problem engy mentioned above. I can't get localized dropdown boxes because filters are not supported in brower enabled forms. Does anyone know of a work around for this?
    Posted to Matt Faus (Weblog) by pnewhook on 09-03-2008
  • Re: How to Add a Centrally Managed Data Connection?

    I&#39;m curious if this was ever remedied? I am having a similar problem. I&#39;ve got a .udcx file at Central Administration &gt; Application Management &gt; Manage Data Connection Files &nbsp; and I can&#39;t seem to reference it. When i look for it in InfoPath i can only navigate to the //server:27661/ site which doesn&#39;t have the ...
    Posted to Data Connections (Forum) by pnewhook on 08-28-2008
  • Edit Task Doesn't Display Correct Form

    I know this isn&#39;t a purely InfoPath issue but i thought some of you may have come across this. &nbsp;I created an infopath form for a user to request a permt card. I then created a workflow in sharepoint designer to send the form to the appropriate person based on the request. I created tasks in Sharepoint Designer to get approval from the ...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by pnewhook on 06-17-2008
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