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  • Problem adding fields in list form which is set to manage multiple list items

    I have a SharePoint list form which is set to Manage multiple list items to allow me to utilize repeating sections. I need to add a drop down field to the form but when I add the control, it is always in a repeating section.  Is there a way I can add the field without it binding to a repeating group?
    Posted to General (Forum) by ebonymb on 08-21-2014
  • Display static text using lookup values

    I'm using InfoPath 2010 to customize a SharePoint list form. Need to know if there is a way to display static text without dropping in a text field control or displaying it as a hyperlink.
    Posted to General (Forum) by ebonymb on 04-14-2014
  • Sending InfoPath Generated Email to SP Library/List

    I have an InfoPath form which generates an email with an embedded copy of the form to a list of email accounts based on certain conditions.  The customer would like the email to now be stored in a SP list or library for audit purposes.  They need to show evidence that the email was sent to the recipients and not just that the form itself ...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by ebonymb on 09-11-2013
  • Conditional Actions Based on Active View

    I have a SharePoint browser form I have customized with 2 views.  I would like to set a condition that states If current view = View1, to set the value of a text control to View1.  If current view = View2, set value of text control to View2.  I haven't determined if the control capturing the values ...
    Posted to Views (Forum) by ebonymb on 06-19-2013
  • Re: Sending a non-active view via email?

    Hi Hillary, I'm skiddish about adding a section to my template to be used as an Email view.  Wouldn't this cause problems in the schema for forms published using an older template?
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by ebonymb on 04-11-2013
  • Re: Addition Formula in Infopath?

    I knew it was something simple.  Thanks much!
    Posted to General (Forum) by ebonymb on 04-10-2013
  • Addition Formula in Infopath?

    I have a field that counts the number of existing items in a list.  count(ID).  I would like to add this count to 1000 to get a 4 digit incremental identifier.  Any idea what formula I could use to get this result?
    Posted to General (Forum) by ebonymb on 04-09-2013
  • Re: Rule Question

    If it is equal to B and C or any selection and/or combination that is not B only, it should submit to Sub2. 
    Posted to General (Forum) by ebonymb on 03-14-2013
  • Re: Rule Question

    Apologies, i mis-stated the original problem.  I only have one submit button but it uses two different data connections Sub1 and Sub2.  If multiselect Field = B, the condition should kick off data connection Sub1.  If Field = anything other than B it should use Sub2. 
    Posted to General (Forum) by ebonymb on 03-12-2013
  • Rule Question

    I have a two submit buttons; Sub1 and Sub2, and a multi select field with options A, B, C, and D.  I'd like to set a rule that uses Sub1 when field equals B only.  So far, when I set the condition to submit using Sub 1 if field = B, when the field = A, B, and C, the form still submits using Sub1.  Any idea what formula I should ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by ebonymb on 03-06-2013
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