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  • Re: Security exception - infopath view.export,

    I think this is an InfoPath instead of .NET security issue. If you look at the View.Export method on msdn( you'll find the following: This member can be accessed only by forms opened from a form template that as been configured to run with full trust ...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by Albert on 06-27-2008
  • Re: jscript FolderExists only go one level and alternative to ActiveX control

    Did you use a double backslash between folders, like: var strRECFile = ("C:\\FolderOne\\FolderTwo");
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Albert on 05-30-2008
  • Re: A solution for inserting a row using code

    The code reads the node from sampledata.xml, which contain all default values (= templated?). But its possible to change the code, so instead of reading a node from sampledata it can read a node from the maindom and clone it. It doesnt matter what if its the last or not. Its just a matter of selecting the right node ...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Albert on 05-28-2008
  • Re: Can You Specifiy Optional Attributes/Fields within Repeating Table?

    You can do this if you are using code, there are afaik three appoaches: Start with everything and delete everything that not has a value when you save the form Start with nothing and add the fields you need. Ignore the empty field and/or look at the xsi-nil="true" property Approach 1 is default in InfoPath. I never did ...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by Albert on 05-28-2008
  • Re: Problem with a hello world - what more software do I need?

    You could try to look in the Office setup. Under InfoPath (add/remove programs) there is an options to enable .NET programming support. This is for 2007, don't know about 2003, but i guess it is the same. Albert
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Albert on 05-28-2008
  • Re: SaveAs

    Using jscript you could do something like this, use : function XDocument::OnSaveRequest(eventObj) {  try  {   //XDocument.UI.SetSaveAsDialogLocation("\\my\form\directory");   XDocument.UI.SetSaveAsDialogFileName("myForm");   eventObj.IsCancelled = ...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Albert on 05-28-2008
  • A solution for inserting a row using code

    Hi, i've tried to look for some code that inserts rows. I couldn't find any answer that satisfied me, for example missing node-order. So i've created my own method and just wanted to share it (jscript) with everyone here. It can: Insert a row to a repeatinggroup Insert a group which is not in default values ...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Albert on 05-28-2008
  • Re: Fill a drop down list base on another

    Im sorry, you are right. I can't think of an alternative...   Edit: well, maybe one, but this is really dirty. Use several datasources for your second selection and bind each datasource to a dropdownlist. Bind all the dropdownlists to the same datafield. Use conditional formatting to hide/show them based on your first ...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by Albert on 04-26-2008
  • Re: Unsupported Namespace

    Are you sure you have well-formed xpath? And is it pointing to an existing node? When do you receive this error?   Albert
    Posted to General (Forum) by Albert on 04-25-2008
  • Re: Is the Dirty flag set to False when a form is submitted ?

    I don't know, but according to the documentation: XDocument.IsDirty: A read-only property that returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the data in a Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 form has been modified since it was last saved. Read-only So i bet i only changes when you change a field in the maindatasource. Good thing there is a ...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Albert on 04-25-2008
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