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  • converting forms created in Visual Studio 2003 to use Office 2010/VSTA

    I have a lot of InfoPath forms that were created using Visual Studio 2003. I now have Office 2010 installed and need to convert them to use VSTA. any pointers on how to accomplish that? thanks steve
    Posted to General (Forum) by steve on 10-30-2012
  • Re: document library "replication"

    2007.....(sorry - should have included that)    
    Posted to General (Forum) by steve on 03-07-2011
  • document library "replication"

    I have several document libraries on a sharepoint site.  I need to make a copy of these libraries to a subsite that another group has access to.  I will need to keep them in sync after the copy.  they could be updated on the main site or the subsite. Any thoughts on a way to accomplish this?  ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by steve on 03-07-2011
  • Environment.UserName

    Long ago somebody on our team developed a bunch of InfoPath forms that used the following code to figure out who the user is: somevariable = Environment.UserName works and is simple, but causes a lot of security issues depending on how the user's pc is setup. Also makes it necessary to add the URL to IE security. Now these forms ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by steve on 03-03-2011
  • help with security issue

    I'm having trouble debugging a security issue one of my users is experiencing.  The application works fine for the other 25 users. when the user tries to open a form stored in the SharePoint library, they get the following error:  form template: Your user name or group cannot be verified because ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by steve on 02-23-2010
  • Re: Question about Alert

    thanks! you answer just helped me out!  
    Posted to General (Forum) by steve on 02-21-2008
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