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  • manfest.xsf size

    Hy all, I'm developping forms with infopath 2007 and coding wirh VSTO. I've found strange things in my manifest.xsf file. Its size is growing. Inside, i've found many repeating items like for exeample : Is there a solution to "clean" this ? Thank's
    Posted to Code (Forum) by garciaj on 06-05-2014
  • section borders disapear

    Hy all, I'me working on infopath 2007. Under windows 7 in create mode, sometimes my section borders disapear from screen, i've to switch to another view to make borders visible again. I did'nt have this problem on xp. Did someone encounter this issue ? Thank's
    Posted to Views (Forum) by garciaj on 05-16-2014
  • infopath sending picture to word

    Hy all, I have to use microsoft word for a report because it works much better than infopath for pagebreaks and some other features. I use vbscript in infopath for programming. It's easy to open word template and fill text fields but for pictures (ink picture for signature), i don't know how to proceed. For ink control, the ...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by garciaj on 04-09-2013
  • ink picture disapears

    Hy all, i've a pc tablet (windows 7) and a form with an ink control. Sometimes, my control disapears from screen in hand writing mode.Any idea ? It worked fine before on xp tablet edition. Is ther a specific problem on windows 7 ?  Regards
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by garciaj on 02-27-2013
  • primary data source file path

    Hy, Is there anyway to obtain primary data source file path (in my case, an xml file) ? example : my file : c:\test\testFile.xml I want to get to file path inside a variable in my vbscript. Regards    
    Posted to Code (Forum) by garciaj on 03-19-2012
  • Re: switching to vb (vsta) from vbscript

     Thank you for your reply, They are many differences too when accessing  or updating xml nodes because of the different dom model in 2007 : one sample vbscript / 2003 :  appareilCourant.selectSingleNode("./my:DOM_MECA/my:familleFixee").text = "true"  vsta / 2007 : ...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by garciaj on 01-12-2012
  • switching to vb (vsta) from vbscript

    Hy all, I've seen that infopath 2010 doesn't support vbscript, so i begin to update my forms in 2007 version for the future. I'm swtching  my scripts from vbscript to vb (vsta) in infopath 2007. Is there any guide that presents the differences between vbscript and vb. I'm also changing of dom model (from 2003 to 2007) ? ...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by garciaj on 01-10-2012
  • vbscript ie8 issue

    hy all, I've problem with ie8 and vbscript. I've a form with an extensible array and a button on each line to access detail informations. I use : set tableauNoeudSelectionnes = XDocument.View.GetContextNodes()  and set noeudSelectionne = tableauNoeudSelectionnes(0)  to get the line wich contains detail button. with ie7 ...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by garciaj on 07-11-2011
  • Performances between 2003-2007-2010 and script vs visual studio

    Hy all, Has anyone made some performance tests between infopath 2003-2007-2010 on the same form (not in web forms) ? Has anyone made some test between vbscript and visual studio ? Thank you for replies
    Posted to General (Forum) by garciaj on 07-04-2011
  • Re: Windows seven Compatibilité Infopath 2007

     Thank you for your reply,  I'm just proactive. I've heard some issues for forms that worked well in ie7 and some problems in ie8. I'll make more  investigations. Regards
    Posted to General (Forum) by garciaj on 05-09-2011
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