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  • Re: Conditional Formatting not working for saved forms

    Hi,&nbsp; I think you are using username() function in username field default value.&nbsp; Instead of this one set the username field value in onload. To set the field value in onload, follow these steps. 1.&nbsp;Go to Tools-&gt;Form Options. 2.&nbsp;Select Open and Save category in Form Options window. 3.&nbsp;Click on Rules ...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by santhoshp on 11-04-2008
  • Re: Receive data from SQL to browser enabled form

    Hi,&nbsp; You should have a method in your web service to receive data from database. Then you have to take the receive data connection in your IPF to that web method. Here is one example for creating a http endpoint web service which has a web method to receive data from a table in database. --Stored Procedure for receiving data from a table ...
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by santhoshp on 11-03-2008
  • Re: Submitting the entire form to a webservices

    Hi,&nbsp; Try using only one parameter of xml data type in store procedure to submit entire form as XML. Because if you use multiple parameters in stored procedure, then you are not able to pass values to that parameters from InfoPath when submitting entire form as XML document. I think this will work.
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by santhoshp on 11-01-2008
  • Re: Submit to a Form Library and get Item ID, it is possible?

    Hi, Follow these steps to get ID from SharePoint list. 1.First generate a unique file name for every form that you are submitting to SharePoint. 2.Then get the unique ID generated by SharePoint for each row in SharePoint list. You can get this two ways &nbsp; a.Use GetListItems data connection in SharePoint web service &nbsp;&nbsp; ...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by santhoshp on 10-31-2008
  • Re: Infopath

    Hi, Make sure that your document library path should be in this format while taking the submit data connection. http://&lt;ServerName&gt;/&lt;SiteName&gt;/&lt;DocumentLibraryName&gt;
    Posted to General (Forum) by santhoshp on 10-31-2008
  • Re: Infopath

    Hi, You can submit the data to both SQL and SharePoint document library at the same time by using Rules. Follow these steps 1.First take the submit data connections to both SQL and SharePoint. 2.Add a button and go to button properties -&gt; Rules-&gt;Add-&gt;Add Action. 3.In action window select Submit using a data connection in Action drop ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by santhoshp on 10-31-2008
  • Re: Infopath

    Hi, Yes.&nbsp;In InfoPath we can submit data into both SQL and SharePoint document library.
    Posted to General (Forum) by santhoshp on 10-30-2008
  • Re: Webmethod used in drop-down menu won't retrieve results

    Hi, Are you getting the results when you execute that stored procedure in SQL Server? Are you previewing tha data in Browser?
    Posted to Web Services (Forum) by santhoshp on 10-24-2008
  • Re: How to make rules fire no matter what field is modified

    Hi,&nbsp; You can do this without using code. &nbsp;&nbsp; 1.&nbsp;Open the manifest.xsf file in editor. Search for the rule name. Then you will find rule node. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &lt;xsf:rule caption=&quot;Rule Name&quot; isEnabled=&quot;yes&quot;&gt; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;2.&nbsp;Above this node you will have ruleSet ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by santhoshp on 10-23-2008
  • Re: time validation

    Hi, Use the following&nbsp;data validation on begin_time field. msxsl:string-compare(., ../preceding-sibling::d:tbl_Entry[1]/@end_time) &lt;= 0
    Posted to General (Forum) by santhoshp on 10-23-2008
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