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  • Re: does the AD Webservice return only a subset of AD info?

    Hi BeBlue, Are there any specific fields from AD that you see missing. Ideally it should show all fields that the "user" has access to in AD. Are you running it on Win2K3 or XP? What account is it running under? -Shyam  
  • Re: Server Error in '/ADService' Application.

    Seems like ADService is working on your test box. Now coming to the issue with BP: Even though ADService has not been tested with BP, there is nothing in ADService that should stop it from working along with BP. Have you tired ASP.NET 2.0 on ADService when BP is also installed on the server?
  • Re: RTF data in secondary data source

    Is the 'ntext' field coming as an attribute or element. I think when we do secondary data connection to DB we will get the columns as attributes, if that is so then you will not be able to convert it to rich text field. If it is coming as element then you can change the schema for that column to accomodate XHTML.
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Shyam on 04-20-2006
  • Re: Inserting into Repeating Table (Main Connection)

    Hello Queezy, You seem to be saying ''row.cloneNode()'' method is giving you error. Did you stop at this line in debugger and see what the type of ''row'' object is and its contents ? Looks like you are expecting it to be an IXMLDOMNode type. If it is, then can you check what is the xml in this node ? thanks, Shyam
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Shyam on 04-13-2006
  • Re: AD Web Service Issue

    Gold, 1) Are you saying that you were able to get the AD property values by clicking the ''Invoke'' button on the local machine ? 2) ''Invoke'' button is available only on the local machine. 3) When you run the TestConsole.exe from a different computer, just make sure the value of ''ADServiceUrl'' in ''TestConsole.exe.config'' file is set to ...
  • Re: Write code to programmatically open Access

    Hi Kip, You would need to make your InfoPath form ''Full Trust'', to be able to use Access DB from code.(Full Trust is not required if you make the ''Access DB'' connection into a main data connection). Have you tried this ? Let me know, i can send you some sample form/code, if you are still having issues. thanks Shyam InfoPath Dev India
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by Shyam on 11-28-2005
  • Re: Update query in Access into InfoPath

    If you are using .NET code or JScript in your InfoPath Form, then you can write whatever code you want(for doing datediff or building the access query) in your functions and call those functions in OnAfterChange event method or the Submit/Save event method. If you do NOT want to use .NET code or JScript in your Infopath Form you can use xsl to ...
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by Shyam on 11-11-2005
  • Re: Update query in Access into InfoPath

    Hi Stu, I don't understand your scenario. Can you give more detailed scenario. You can run query on Access from Infopath. What kind of calculation are you looking for ? Does it need other rows in the table ? thanks, Shyam Shyam InfoPath Dev India
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by Shyam on 11-09-2005
  • Re: Link on ASP page to open Form with data from db

    Dave, Here are the two possible scenarios. 1) You are storing the InfoPath XML as is (along with shreading it to DB). Say in a Sharepoint Document library or file system. In that case your ASP page you will point the hyper link column to point to the appropriate file in sharepoint document library. This would be relatively staright forward. 2) ...
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by Shyam on 10-04-2005
  • Re: InfoPath form dynamically from ASP.NET

    Hi RRS, One way to do this is throwing the appropriate XML file from your ASP.NET page. Details : Take the blank template.xml of the published solution that you want to show the user. Add the employee details into this xml file and then ''throw'' this xml file into the browser as attachemnt. User will get the standard ''Open/Save/Cancel'' dialog. ...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Shyam on 08-02-2005
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