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  • setProperty() function

    Hi,I have a problem.When i use vs2003 to develop Infopath with secondary data source.I found it didn't have setPropety function.But in javascript has this function. example:XDocument.GetDOM(''Customers (USA)'').setProperty(''SelectionNamespaces'', 'xmlns:q='''' ' + ...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by liuqian on 03-09-2005
  • AllowPaging

    Oh,When i display a lot of data from database use reports table,it's very long .Can reports table like asp:dataGrid have AllowPaging property ? Please tell me. Thanks.
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by liuqian on 01-17-2005
  • Re: How defined?

    Oh,yes.It's a part of repeating table.It's pass a System._COMObject.You suggest to use ''xdExtension:CalculateTotal(number(.)) '' also occurred a error.
    Posted to Code (Forum) by liuqian on 12-21-2004
  • full trust security

    I am a new developer of InfoPath, I read article #12298;Task Panes that Access Managed Code Require Full Trust Security#12299;. In this article , said: Managed code forms that have a custom task pane require full trust security. Can Everybody give me a example how to make Managed code forms have full trust security? Thanks.
    Posted to General (Forum) by liuqian on 12-21-2004
  • Re: How defined?

    Oh,I am sorry.I used ''Public Function Calculatetotal(ByVal objOrdersNodes As IXMLDOMNodeList) As Double''.It case a Error ''Error occurred during a call to property or method 'CalculateTotal'. ''. Thanks.
    Posted to Code (Forum) by liuqian on 12-17-2004
  • How defined?

    Hi.I want to tranform from script code to mangager code wit h Interop Developer Form in InfoPath SDK .When i read <xsl:value-of select=''xdExtension:CalculateTotal(.)''/>,i don't know how defined what type in ''Public Function Calculatetotal(ByVal objOrdersNodes as ?) As Double ''.please tell me .Thanks
    Posted to Code (Forum) by liuqian on 12-16-2004
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