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  • Re: datasource trusting issue.

    thx. But what address should i give to this SQL Server in IE? Should I enter the IP address or any other things? I have tried to use the IP address, but the messages mentioned before still pop-up. Pls advice. thx a lot.
    Posted to General (Forum) by victorlung on 10-08-2004
  • datasource trusting issue.

    Dear All, I have created a eForm connected to SQL server. However, when I try to fill in the form, the following messages would pop-up: ''This Website uses a data provider that may be unsafe. If you trust the website, click OK, otherwise click cancel'' ''This website is using your identity to access a data source. If you trust this website, click ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by victorlung on 10-08-2004
  • Dynamic Data source results?

    Dear All, How can i get data from the data source dynamically? can I pass any parameter to the data source, or I need to set filtering after get the data? below is what I want to get: a currency table with From_currency and To_currency, I want to show the ''From Currency'' depending on the ''To_currency'' I selected. table records: SGD --> ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by victorlung on 10-06-2004
  • Some programming questions

    Dear All, I am curious in the following questions: 1. Can I set the eForm to auto open the ''Send to Email Recipient'' when opening the form? 2. Can I pass or get data into the ''To'' or ''From'' or ''Subject'' fields in the ''Send to Email Recipient'' section? Thank you very much.
    Posted to General (Forum) by victorlung on 10-05-2004
  • Re: auto assign Digital Signature?

    thx thx Greg, how can I create digital signature for internal use? by XML signature or MS Certificate server? We want to create digital signature with mininium afford or setup procedures. Thank you for your help
    Posted to General (Forum) by victorlung on 10-04-2004
  • auto assign Digital Signature?

    Dear all, Can i programmed the form the assign the digital signature automaticatlly instead of by manually assign? I want to protect the contect of the form, but don't want to allow users to assign the digital signature by themselves. thx Victor
    Posted to General (Forum) by victorlung on 10-03-2004
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