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  • Webform number of issues

    Hi all Have a lengthy web form with multiple sections. Section 1 is the initial stage of the form and can be completed by those who have permission to actually see the form location on SharePoint. Once that part is completed, they submit the form and a new ID for it is created - the ID is a concat of some static text, numerical value ...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by spottedhaggis on 04-25-2012
  • Update contents of a form

    I have a form created using infopath 2010, and published to the SP 365 form library. The form will have multiple users editing existing data in the form.  THe way it works is like this 1. User raised a new ECO request (form), completes some preliminary data and saves. The manager of the person that raised the form then accesses the same ...
    Posted to InfoPath (Forum) by spottedhaggis on 04-13-2012
  • Re: Restrict access and auto emails in forms

    ok well I have solved the auto email side, and it works very nice. All done using Workflows, took me a little while to figure them out but now that I have I can have a very nice automated system.
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by spottedhaggis on 04-12-2012
  • Re: Restrict access and auto emails in forms

    Well I tried Concat, but no luck. Just to clarify what I am after. User opens the form from within SP. Completes the various fields, and using a drop down list in various places throughout the form selects a user to be assigned that particular task. There can be anything up to 15 seperate users involved in the form depending on what the ...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by spottedhaggis on 04-11-2012
  • Re: InfoPath 2010 questions? Ask here.

    My problem is most likely lack of knowledge. I have form. It has a number of areas that can be completed depending on the circumstances. There are approx 12 individual tasks each have different people that are responsible for completion of these tasks, however upon opening the form and completing the request not all of the 12 tasks may be ...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by spottedhaggis on 04-07-2012
  • Re: Restrict access and auto emails in forms

    Thanks JodyG, I will take a look, the only problem might be, the emails need to go to a number of different people, but these people may change. the idea was in the form when completing the form you can assign a task to a particular person, type in their name, SP finds and validates the name, then on submit I wanted to have the email fields ...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by spottedhaggis on 04-07-2012
  • Restrict access and auto emails in forms

    I have a form, its basically an engineer change request form. I have a large number of yes/no functions, each one simply assign the specific task to a specified person. It looks something like this Data Sheet required - O Yes O No - Assigned to - Selected email from SP list The idea is if a data sheet is required as part of the change ...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by spottedhaggis on 03-05-2012
  • Form field auto fill from another SP list

    I have a form created from Infopath and published in a sharepoint form library. The form works almost perfectly. I have another list which is setup to generate an auto incrementing number., I have a workflow in SP designer setup to generate the next number each time the form is opened. I have in the infopath a formula that should be auto ...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by spottedhaggis on 01-17-2012
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