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  • Re: Form template not valid. Unspecified error.

    Did you happen to hand modify the xsn before you got this error?  Do you have a previous working copy of the form?  Unfortunately, the error message is generic and won't clue you into what exactly is broken in your form. Sorry couldn't be more help :(
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by Anson Hidajat on 11-19-2012
  • Re: Save Event - Determine If Validation Errors Exist

    Is there some sort of submit functionality that commits the form at the end?  If so, then it should be okay to save the form with validation errors as long as they are cleared before submit occurs.  Otherwise, you're looking at custom code for sure and unfortunately not sure off the top of my head if its even possible to block save.
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Anson Hidajat on 11-19-2012
  • Re: Validation not working correctly

    Just checking if you separated each of these conditions and outputted on the screen that these are in fact the outcomes that are occuring.  I would test each of the conditions one by one and see which is the one that is problematic.  Could be a case if certain fields being set in the improper order, so testing it one by one will be your ...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Anson Hidajat on 11-19-2012
  • Re: Need guidance - Multiple InfoPath forms but one single storage place to store the data

    SharePoint lists are great because they are easy to set up and pull in data into the InfoPath form.  This is all available to you out of the box and is relatively simple to implement as well.  For each dropdown or list you need to import as choices into your form, you will need to create a SP list for. If you require many records (eg. ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Anson Hidajat on 11-19-2012
  • Re: List Box vs Multiple Selection List Box

    The two controls require different data types for fields that they must be bound to in order to function correctly.  I think you're stuck with the current design and have to maintain the single field and repeating field for the list box and MSLB controls.
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by Anson Hidajat on 11-19-2012
  • Re: The submit button - going to another page

    Consider creating another InfoPath button that has a rule that simply closes the form.  This should bypass that prompt asking you to save again.  To prevent the user from using the ribbon, go to File -> Fom Options and in the Browser features category unselect Close.  This will remove that command from the ribbon in the ...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Anson Hidajat on 11-09-2012
  • Re: After MS Update Time stored with Offset

    Time zones can be difficult to manage in InfoPath.  Especially when you throw in client vs. server behavior.  The best thing to do is to just have InfoPath handle the time zones itself.  For the most part it does the calculations correctly.  If you need to manually override, unfortunately InfoPath doesn't provide an easy ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Anson Hidajat on 11-09-2012
  • Re: Force Date format to promoted field in sharepoint list

    Do you want it to appear like that in InfoPath or in SharePoint?  If its InfoPath, you'll have to use substrings to get the specific format you want if its not one of the out of box formats in the format date properties dialog.  If its SharePoint, you could try and use a calculated column but to be honest not sure if that will 100% ...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by Anson Hidajat on 11-09-2012
  • Re: Button IDs

    Each button instance should be unique and therefore should have different IDs on them.  This becomes more important when you are using custom code and need to listen for button click events. 
    Posted to General (Forum) by Anson Hidajat on 11-09-2012
  • Re: Performance review with Infopath 2010

    You can either set up permissions in SharePoint to restrict visibility at the item level or you can restrict the view at the InfoPath level by checking who the user is.  For the latter, you can utilize the userprofileservice and rules to determine whether the current user has the correct permissions to access the contents.  Hope this ...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Anson Hidajat on 11-06-2012
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