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  • Installation issue

    Trying to install the free trial server edition.  We have Sharepoint 2007 and SQL 2008R2.  Next month we are getting a new server farm and putting out Sharepoint 2010 and we would like to browserize all our Infopath forms.  Rather than hire someone to write web services we were considering Qdabra DBXL.  Boss asked me ...
    Posted to Qdabra Database Accelerator (Forum) by 3steps on 08-19-2011
  • n00b question - selecting and storing a value from a repeating table

    Infopath 2007/SQL 2008 R2/stand alone no Sharepoint/NOT a browser form - using Infopath filler Header/Detail situation.  2 databases.  Keyed off an integer. Making an edit form.  If they just sort on the control or other numbers and bring up one record then everything is fine.  But if they don't know what ...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by 3steps on 08-12-2011
Page 1 of 1 (2 items)
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