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  • Re: Saving to 2 Different Document Libraries

    The reason I was trying to do this is because the original document library is producing false &quot;Rule Error&quot; messages among other issues. Results using the above method to submit to 2 document libraries in the same rule were also mixed, so I changed my thinking. Just before the Vetting submit rule (described above), I created an identical ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by dapklp on 05-25-2023
  • Saving to 2 Different Document Libraries

    I want to save a completed form (InfoPath &gt; FormsViewer on SharePoint 2013 On-Prem) to 2 different document libraries. For the first time a record is saved, the rule says, IF State is blank (State is a field), then Set a field&#39;s value: State = &quot;Vetting&quot;; THEN Submit using a data connection: Main submit2 (a secondary document ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by dapklp on 05-24-2023
  • Considerations for moving SP 2013 On Prem to Cloud

    I was just informed that my company will be migrating from SharePoint 2013 (On-Prem) to SharePoint Online. I have 33 archived InfoPath form document libraries (all converted to FV for access to previously completed forms, but disabled for new occurrences) and 16 active forms (all converted to FV). I know there are some connections or ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by dapklp on 01-30-2023
  • Query Errors from InfoPath 2007 Converted to FormsViewer

    I&#39;m concerting a old form initially published with InfoPath 2007. I just need to archive this to view the data. It had several SharePoint list data connections which now produce this error (here for &quot;Domains&quot;): Query Failed - An error occurred querying the data connection Domains. Details: Cannot read properties of undefined ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by dapklp on 12-09-2022
  • Re: Query Failed (reading 'queryAsync')

    I also received this error when trying to open the originally posted form from IE: The form cannot be opened because either the signature is corrupt, or the certificate used to sign the form has expired or been revoked. To fix this problem, contact the form designer. Since the form is 10+ years old, the certificate is definitely expired. I ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by dapklp on 10-19-2022
  • Query Failed (reading 'queryAsync')

    I have an old application-based form that I&#39;m just trying to archive as a FV form so we can get to the data when InfoPath finally gives up the ghost. It has 3 data connections that load when the form is open (from SharePoint lists), but as a web-based FormsViewer form, I&#39;m getting this error: Query Failed: An error occurred querying the ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by dapklp on 10-18-2022
  • Re: GetUserProfileByName Error

    I sent Hilary a copy of my form and she noticed that the GetUserProfileByName was set to &quot;Data retrieved: Every time form is opened&quot; - that was the issue. Thanks
    Posted to General (Forum) by dapklp on 09-21-2022
  • GetUserProfileByName Error

    I&#39;m converting an old old Infopath form (Archived) so that we can still view the data if needed. On my finishedLoading rules, I set &quot;AccountName&quot; to &quot;substring-after(userName(), &quot;0#.w|&quot;)&quot; then I set &quot;Command&quot; to &quot;concat(&quot;GetUserProfileByName /properties=WorkPhone;Title /source=siteusers ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by dapklp on 09-19-2022
  • Error: Failed to Fetch

    I have a form that has 13 embedded documents that brings back up to 2 of the 13 potential reports which range in size from 400KB to 1400K. After several minutes of trying to open, the system brought back this error An error occurred trying to load the document at /its/infopathwf/SOC/11016_SOC_BSmith_2021-11-17.xml - Failed to fetch - The form ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by dapklp on 07-01-2022
  • On-Prem FV and Different SharePoint Document Library Views

    I have an existing InfoPath form document library and in testing my conversion to FV noticed that when I use the JavaScript code to redirect the template to FV, editing the Web-part is view specific. I have a &quot;Terminate&quot; State in a form and for confidentiality reasons only allow forms in this State to appear in a view called ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by dapklp on 06-27-2022
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