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Error occured Accessing Data Source Error ID 5566

Last post 04-15-2021 07:45 AM by rvallecillo. 32 replies.
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  • 04-20-2015 04:39 PM In reply to

    Re: Error occured Accessing Data Source Error ID 5566

    Hi guys,

    My SP form uses the UDC connections file to my company's active directory. On form load a field populates with the user's PreferredName tag from the directory. One user gets the error querying a data source error message (ID 5566).

    What makes my case unique is nobody else is getting this error! I have a team of about 30 users using the form all with the same site permissions and have even had users outside of the team use it and the form loads correctly with no errors & their PreferredName is populated correctly. It's just with this one user. The only unique thing about her is she recently went on furlough and came back so her user profile was deactivated & subsequently reactivated.

    What makes it even more interesting is that a week ago I removed this user from the entire SharePoint site collection by adding on the blue text below to my home page URL. I then re-activated her, and she did NOT have this error for a full week! A few days ago it inexplicably came back. (/_layouts/people.aspx?MembershipGroupId=0&FilterField1=ContentType&FilterValue1=Person)

    I'm a noobie when it comes to this stuff, so the thoughts I have below are a shot in the dark but I would appreciate it if somebody either confirmed or denied their veracity:

    1. She may be using a proxy for her internet settings causing her to be treated as anonymous. Her LAN settings for internet explorer are greyed out. (FYI, yes, she has the same exact version of explorer as everyone else on my team.)

    2. She may again have the same permissions replication issue which came back after a standard company update, perhaps? I'm not sure about this though because I tried removing/re-adding here again and it didn't help this time.

    3. Her SharePoint profile is inconsistent with active directory profile from which the UDC file pulls her PreferredName? Would re-publishing/approving a new UDC file help?

    Please let me know if you have any other suggestions. I'm a bit limited in terms of changing regedit per company policy so am trying to avoid hax n stuff unless last resort.

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    • akshay
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    Re: Error occured Accessing Data Source Error ID 5566

    I did all the steps .. Still I am facing the issues..
  • 04-15-2021 07:45 AM In reply to

    Re: Error occured Accessing Data Source Error ID 5566

    I ran into this problem and it turned out to be that I was loading GetUserCollectionFromGroup web service on form load. I was passing a sample value group in the Data Connections. I gave everyone visibility to the group I had as the sample and the error went away. Strangely enough, this was only happening to one person out of 5000+ users.
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