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Secondary Data Source

Last post 08-27-2004 06:20 AM by oakridge. 4 replies.
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  • 08-24-2004 12:16 PM

    Secondary Data Source

    I have followed the suggestions by Greg Collins under his example Populating fields after selection. However, I get no data when selecting the default values. Are there some SQL database parameters that keeping this from happening?

    Form is creating inspection information which needs to also reference another table retrieving vendor name, address, etc. Both tables contain the vendor number field.

  • 08-25-2004 12:03 PM In reply to

    Will you please describe more fully the steps you took, what is happening, and what you are expecting to have happen? Thanx.

    Greg Collins [InfoPath MVP]
  • 08-26-2004 01:25 PM In reply to


    Here is my response to your previous answer on Office Online discussion.

    Downdown 1 is working fine. The dropdown list is correct. The question comes in what is the procedure to set up dropdown 2? Is is bound to the same field as Dropdown 1? When I do this they both reflect the same data.

    "Greg Collins [MVP]" wrote:

    > Since you are required to have cascading drop-down lists and auto-fill, it seems like this is your logical order of processing.
    > 1. Get drop-down list 1 working.
    > 2. Get drop-down list 2 working.
    > 3. Establish the link between drop-down list 2 and 1 to make them cascading.
    > 4. When drop-down list 2 changes, update the other fields.
    > Was this the order of processing you have tried?
    > --
    > Greg Collins [InfoPath MVP]
    > Please visit:
    > "oakridge" <> wrote in
    > I need to automatically fill in contact and address information based on two fields. The first is vendor no and the second is contact type.
  • 08-26-2004 04:45 PM In reply to

    Drop-down lists 1 and 2 should both be bound to different fields. If you bind them to the same field, then they both change the same value.

    You have two different pieces of information that you are trying to get: Vendor Number (drop-down list 1) and Vendor Phone Number (drop-down list 2). Let's say they are bound to fields my:VendNo and my:VendPhone.

    How do you make the Vendor Phone be filled only with phone numbers for the selected Vendor Number? Take a look at the Dev Nugget titled, "Creating Non-Repeating Cascading Drop-Down List Boxes". It explains the process of filtering a drop-down list based on the value of another one.

    Let me know how that goes.

    Greg Collins [InfoPath MVP]
  • 08-27-2004 06:20 AM In reply to

    The drop downs are now working. Thanks for your help. I then applied your article on Populating fields after selection. This again worked great! I hope to see more discussion on this forum as I like how it is broken down into the different areas based on whether you are using database, etc.

    Thanks again.
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