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Infopath Form

Last post 05-30-2023 06:06 AM by lionheart2308. 2 replies.
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  • 04-19-2021 03:21 AM

    Infopath Form

     I have a simple SharePoint list, 2 Infopath forms (New request & No Duplicate ) with 1 Submit Button 

    I need to disable the duplicate submission as follow:

    whenever the user (who already submitted a request) , i want to display the form (No Duplicate) so that the user knows that he already submitted this form and cannot submit one more time.

    How can i do that please ?

    Thank you

  • 04-22-2021 06:25 PM In reply to

    I think you would need to add a query to the list, so you could query the list and see if there were any items there that were created by the current user. You should be able to set that data connection to not query on load, and then in form load rules, set the query field for Created By to the current user, then run the query to see if a list item already exists for them.
    Hilary Stoupa

  • 05-30-2023 06:06 AM In reply to

    Hi Hilary, How can i load a form to the user "sorry you have already submitted a request " if the same user submitted a request earlier. in other words, if the user had already submitted a request, trying to re-submit a new one should pop up a message that he is not allowed , I already did this by doing the following : I created a single text field "AlreadyCreatedUser" and changed it to "Enforce Unique value" then i added a rule to the form in Infopath Designer that "AlreadyCreatedUser" is equal to Username() . so submitting a request twice is now impossible after clicking on the Submit button. the error message says : The form cannot be submitted. One or more fields have invalid values and cannot be submitted to the list. The list item could not be added or updated because duplicate values were found in the following field(s) in the list. what i need is when the user select "+ new item" from sharepoint list , the form or error message should display at this moment only. and not after clicking on the Submit button, the confusion is i dont need the users to fill the entire form and then when they try to submit , they wil get the error message at the end. i need the error to display when selecting new item before they submit the request (this condition must apply only if they have submitted the request already) and not for new records.
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