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Using SharePoint Lookup Columns and a Data Connection to InfoPath???

Last post 12-21-2018 01:57 PM by Daryl K. 0 replies.
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  • 12-21-2018 01:57 PM

    Using SharePoint Lookup Columns and a Data Connection to InfoPath???

    I am not sure if this is more a SharePoint question, but the whole thing began with InfoPath forms, so I will start from there.

    My site has two SharePoint lists; one I'll call the "Scheduling" tool, and the other the "Order Change" (OC) tool. The former will have an always up-to-date list of all ongoing projects, while the latter is used on an as-needed basis when making changes to a specific project. Because many of the project details are not known to the folks using the OC tool my InfoPath form (for the OC tool) has a Data Connection to the Scheduling Tool that brings over several columns using a drop-down list.

    So, for example, when creating a new entry in the Order Change form the user can select the "Manufacturing Site" drop down in the InfoPath form and it will have a list of every unique entry that is in that column in the Scheduling Tool. Once a site is selected, the next drop down will show a list of all Active Projects in the Scheduling Tool, filtered based on the Manufacturing Site selected. The next column shows all Deliverable that are in the Scheduling Tool, filtered on that Project Number and at that Manufacturing Site.

    So this stuff I understand well in InfoPath and SharePoint, and as designed it all works perfectly, except with one caveat: once the Scheduling Tool list grows beyond a certain size (roughly 3,500 rows) my Data Connection overflows the hard limit and I get the error "The amount of data that was returned by a data connection has exceeded the maximum limit that was configured by the server administrator."

    This brings me to my question: I am NOT at all familiar with Lookup Columns in SharePoint, but am wondering if it's possible to somehow create another list that only represents the data that is to be brought over from the Scheduling Tool (I'll call that list the Order Change Tool Header), and use Lookup Columns between the OC Tool Header List and the Scheduling Tool, since this is where the BIG data connections are, then use a standard Data Connection between between my InfoPath form (on the Order Change Tool) and the Header list, which in turns keeps that Data Connection MUCH smaller.

    Am I dreaming, or is this kind of workaround a possibility? If so, can anyone point me to a primer on setting this 3-layer type of InfoPath thing up? If it cannot be done, any other suggestions for a workaround to the data connection limit?
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