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Programically determining what views print

Last post 09-30-2015 01:15 PM by cafescott. 3 replies.
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  • 08-17-2015 11:14 AM

    Programically determining what views print

    Our organization uses an InfoPath form that has additional views that the end user may or may not wish to see printed. Currently these views always print, and the user has to throw away the print outs from the supplemental views. We have been discussing the possibility of allowing the end-user the ability to choose what view actually prints out.

    An ideal situation would be if the end-user sees a multiple-selection list box with the supplemental view names appearing.  If the user doesn't want to print a particular view, the name remains unchecked in the list box.  In the code (i.e., "developer") section of the form, a simple check on whether the list item is checked would take place before the view was printed.

    I have been researching for code like this, but haven't come up with this kind of example.  Does anyone have some ideas?  Thanks!

  • 08-19-2015 11:00 AM In reply to

    Re: Programically determining what views print

     Why not create multiple views with every possible combination, and then create a rule to print that specific print view when conditions are met.

  • 08-25-2015 11:22 AM In reply to

    Re: Programically determining what views print

     Hi JustinF10000, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  If I knew how to write a rule that would not print a view depending on some condition I would definitely do this.  I don't think InfoPath has any such thing.

    Since I posted my question I found Hilary's response to a similar question:

    I've been planning to ask the end user to click on a button, switch to the view s/he wants to print, and then manually do so.  My understanding is that InfoPath doesn't have a better approach.

    Thanks for the reply. 

  • 09-30-2015 01:15 PM In reply to

    Re: Programically determining what views print

    So far I can't put a button on a single view, add coding to "Print," and have it print out.  We are calling InfoPath from an application written in-house.  When we open the InfoPath forms up we evidently lose some functionality.

    Getting back to my original question...Is there any way to programmatically change what view(s) are checked in the "Print Multiple Views" section that appears in the Print Settings of every view of a form?  For example, let's say we have a form with 6-8 views.  There are no views checked in the "Print Multiple Views" section.  If the user gets to the particular view s/he wants to print out, and clicks on a button, we would like to add a checkmark in the "Print Multiple Views" area.  This would mean that the view in question would print out along with any other views that are printed.

    Can this be done?  Thanks!

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