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Errors occur when trying to export forms from Outlook -> Excel (XML Map)

Last post 03-24-2014 07:45 AM by Queenie. 0 replies.
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  • 03-24-2014 07:45 AM

    • Queenie
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    Errors occur when trying to export forms from Outlook -> Excel (XML Map)

    I've had a quick search around the forums(read:spent 2 and a half hours trawling the internet for every mention of my key words) and have been unable to come up with anything comprehensible so I thought I'd throw it out to you knowledgable folks.

    I have a form set up that everybody fills in and submits via email every week. I've relinquished control of the boring exporting to Excel and data processing for some time with no problems. Until today. Someone new is trying to learn how to do the exporting stuff and is getting an error that has me scratching my head.

    Like everybody else that does this, she selects all the forms that have been submitted that week and clicks the inbuilt Outlook "export to excel" option. A pop up appears saying "The following errors occurred when your forms were being exported to Microsoft Office" and it looks like every form fails with the error "Cannot find an XML map...". Something shows up in Excel, but it's about a couple of lines per form, ~40 lines in all, whereas when I do exactly the same thing I get about 200. Does anybody have any idea how I can rebuild an XML map/schema for her?

     Ideas much appreciated!


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