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infopath, email current view only

Last post 06-21-2013 01:04 AM by RyanDHale. 2 replies.
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  • 06-20-2013 09:38 AM

    infopath, email current view only


    I have a requirement like, After filling the current view1 of infopath i wanted to email to appropriate person  (only current view which is filled) when clicking the submit button. I'm using Rules and custom code feature of the button and in rules-->add action--> submit using data connection-->add--->email accomplish this...

    I have another 2 views with some required fields and validations on the fields.

    When i'm in view1 and clicking submit(email) its giving the error popup like "some rules were not applied" when i'm clicking details option its showing " InfoPath cannot submit the form.
    The form cannot be submitted because it contains validation errors. Errors are marked with either a red asterisk (required fields) or a red, dashed border (invalid values)".
    But i filled out all the values in view1 no validation errors in view 1.....but it is taking all the views......

    I wanted to email only view1 only.....

    Please help me with this.







  • 06-20-2013 11:48 AM In reply to

    Re: infopath, email current view only

    InfoPath tries to validate the entire form, no the current view. So if a node in the schema has been labeled as required, then this sort of validation will come up even if the field is in a different view.

    Hope this helps!

    Ernesto Machado
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  • 06-21-2013 01:04 AM In reply to

    Re: infopath, email current view only

    As Ernesto says, InfoPath tries to validate all of the form, so if you have included required fields somewhere else (In this case on another view), then you will be unable to submit the form and will receive that error.

    One way around this (it's not pretty) would be to enter a default value to these fields, which would validate the required aspect of the form and allow you to submit.  You could then hook up a rule to the button which takes you to that second or third view, to wipe these values, so the users would never see there was any data in them in the first place. I tend to add some information text, such as "please select a value" or "make sure to fill in this field" as my default value, that way if someone does get to that bit of the form, it is still giving them instructions. I then place a rule on the submit button for the later sections to only be useable when these values are changed, again enforcing that those fields have to be altered. Obviously on that first submit, if you looked into the database (form library) there would be data, but from what you are explaining, this isn't neccessarily a problem?

    Have a go and tell us what you think.



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