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Metadata Navigation with InfoPath

Last post 10-29-2012 05:51 AM by send2mark. 2 replies.
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  • 10-25-2012 07:27 AM

    Metadata Navigation with InfoPath

    I figured out how to do this with a list, but using a list has limited actions. Like no repeating tables or multiple file attachment actions. So my question is, how can I use an InfoPath Library to create a drop down as a column. This would allow me to use the "Metadata navigation" in the settings of the library. What it does currently is creates it as a "Single Line of Text" instead.

    I can change the column in the settings of the library after, but it will not update the column drop down by publishing the form.

  • 10-26-2012 11:28 AM In reply to

    Re: Metadata Navigation with InfoPath

    If you promote a field in the library form, then you can connect another InfoPath form to this library using a secondary data connection and populate a dropdown based on this field.  Not sure if this is what you are asking.  If not, feel free to elaborate on your scenario some more I can try to help!
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  • 10-29-2012 05:51 AM In reply to

    Re: Metadata Navigation with InfoPath

    I'm not sure I understand, but I will elaborate just incase.

    On all the lists and libraries there is an option for "Metadata Navigation" under the settings. It is great for organizing your information, but in order to use it the column needs to be a drop down. This works using InfoPath and a list with a few minor work arounds.

    When using InfoPath to create your library and adding your column name at publishing time the column is added as a "single line of text." Single line of text doesn't work with the "Metadata Navigation."

    So I thought if I created the library first with a drop down column already added, I could work around this. It does work except that when you update the drop down from the form it does not update it library column list of choices.

    The idea is to have a form with a location drop down so that I can filter the library items using the "Metadata Navigation." I know I could just sort by column in a view, but this option just works so well for sorting and filtering.

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