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Help needed - changed InfoPath behaviour following Microsoft Update ..

Last post 10-24-2011 10:32 PM by flowerbot. 0 replies.
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  • 10-24-2011 10:32 PM

    Help needed - changed InfoPath behaviour following Microsoft Update ..


    I hope you will be able to help me.  I have several InfoPath 2007 forms saved in a folder on the root site of a WSS 3.0 SharePoint.  They are published as content types and these content types are added to a forms folder on various sub-sites (project workspaces).  The URI is no longer available when the forms are opened directly from the folder on the root site, however it is still available if the form is opened via the content type on the subsites.  Note that the same template, in the same location, is being accessed in either case.  Previously the uri was available wherever the form was opened from.  Code in the form gets the URI and determines where the form will be submitted, based on some fields selected in the form. 

    An indicator of the change is that the status bar at the bottom of the InfoPath form (only if it is opened directly from the folder on the root site) no longer shows the 'location' of the form, but now shows the ID, eg


    If I open the InfoPath form via a content type in a document folder on a subsite, the status bar at the bottom of the form still shows the location (which is what I need it show):


    This change is a serious problem for me, because we have a project management system which provides links to the forms in their root folder location and the location uses the URI property to determine where the completed form will be submitted back to - as described above, for some reason its now returning the ID urn instead of the URI for the URI property.

     I tried running the form on a virtual machine that I had not used for some time, and prior to installing the updates, and it was still working fine as expected.  Then I applied the 104 outstanding updates and restarted the virtual machine and it too stopped working as expected.

    Can someone please point me to which update might have caused this change in behaviour? or otherwise give me a suggestion for how to reinstate the old behaviour?

    Thanks in advance.


     UPDATE 2:  (17/9/21012) I now believe the cause to be slow network response which causes InfoPath to pull a cached version of the template instead of getting it from the server - once this happens it doesn't seem to want to let it go - to fix, close InfoPath, go to Start/Run... and type Infopath /cache clearall .  This will clear the template from the cache and allow InfoPath to try once more to get the template from the server - if network performance is chronically poor, its possible that the very next call will have the same issue.  

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