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Check Boxes on a Form

Last post 03-17-2011 05:54 AM by kknobloch. 2 replies.
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  • 02-09-2011 05:48 AM

    Check Boxes on a Form

    Good Morning,

    I'm new to SP10 & IP10 - I'm working on my first form - it is a pretty basic form.

    What i'm trying to do is to send the form via email (I have "send only the active view of the form and no attachment" set in the Data Connection Wizard) - on my form I have a couple of "check boxes (yes and no)" - after the form is filled out, it sends via email to specific addresses...When the email is received, the person will need to forward or reply the email - this person will need to check one of the yes or no check boxes and send the email. All of the "text box" fields I have on the form are editable when the email is in the reply/forward state, but I can not get the check boxes to work - they are not "clickable". Is there a way to get these to be clickable or does anyone have any other ideas on how I could accomplish something similar to what I'm trying to do?

    Thanks in Advance!!!

  • 02-09-2011 04:06 PM In reply to

    Hi and welcome to the InfoPath Dev forums.

    Is your goal for the users to fill an actual form out via email?  If that is the case the option you have chose (send only the active view of the form and no attachment) is not sending them a form but rather a snapshot of the form.  In order for them to actually fill out the form and check a check box you need to send the form attachment (and the template if they have never filled out the form) or a link to fill the form out in SharePoint.

    Hope that helps and enjoy InfoPath!


  • 03-17-2011 05:54 AM In reply to

    Ted, Thanks for the tip - it is working for me know.

    I have another question now in regards to this same form - I have added a "submit" button to my form rather than have the submit options on the ribbon when the user fills out the request originally. This submit button will then send this form to the users manager for approval. When the manager receives the email of this form (sent has a form attachment) is there anyway I can get the submit button to be disabled? This would require the manager then to use the Reply, Reply All, or Forward options from the email client rather than using the submit that would just email it back to the person who filled out the form originally?

     Thanks for your help!!!

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