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dynamic form

Last post 10-20-2005 12:57 PM by mewtwowomen. 8 replies.
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  • 10-05-2005 10:55 AM

    dynamic form

    Hey there. I'd like to have a drop down list box, and depending on its selection by the user, I'd like it to open a different form. Or it could simply display different fields. For example, if the drop down menu identifies the person as male or female, I would like to have different fields for men than women. Can anyone help?

  • 10-05-2005 11:29 AM In reply to


    You can look into conditionnal formatting. You can build 2 sections on your form. 1 for Male, 1 for Female. Then, you show or hide (through conditionnal formatting) the right section based on the value selected in the drop-down.


    Franck Dauché
  • 10-05-2005 01:20 PM In reply to

    I checked out conditional formatting and realized that for what I'm wanting to accomplish, that might be too involved/complicated. I guess ideally what I'd like is: depending on selection from dropdown menu, an entirely independent form is opened. Can anyone help with this?
  • 10-05-2005 04:12 PM In reply to

    If I may, opening another instance of InfoPath is the last thing that you want to do...trust me on this one!
    If you find conditional formatting too complex, why don't you look at Views. You can do 1 view for Male and 1 for Female within the same form. You can then put 2 buttons on top of the form (to switch between views), with the captions: Male and Female, respectively.

    Do you like that better?

    Hope that it helps.


    Franck Dauché
  • 10-05-2005 05:41 PM In reply to

    Thankyou so much for your advice. Still not exactly what I'm looking to do. Did I open another issue??? Or did I continue on with this one? Certainly I can reply to suggestions that have been made, on a post that I started... or anyother one that is. I did not pose the question again, nor one similiar to it, on this forum. It is in fact a forum, no?

    To further append my question.. How do people do forms that have a drop down menu with all the states in the US. And then, depending on the state you choose, you get another drop down menu with that state's cities. That's essentially what I'm going for.

    thanks again for any responses
  • 10-05-2005 06:05 PM In reply to

    In that case they use filters:



    Franck Dauché
  • 10-06-2005 11:24 AM In reply to

    Hi ZenLikeMe and welcome to our forum,
    There are some scenarios where opening a new form is the right thing to do, but for sub-sections of your form, I would add sections that hide/show based on a condition, or like Franck suggests, switch to a different view. You can also look at the taskpane.

    Patrick Halstead [InfoPath MVP]
    Patrick Halstead
    Project Manager at Qdabra
  • 10-07-2005 06:45 AM In reply to

    Hey guys. Thanks for all the advice. Very helpful. And in case anyone else wants further clarification, I found a good way through conditional formatting, as suggested, to open additional forms depending on drop down selections. When you open the properties window you can set rules from the data tab. One of the actions is actually "open a new form".
  • 10-20-2005 12:57 PM In reply to

    Taping into this subject, I'd like to ask how I can re-used (copy) the entries of the dropdown list box that were input manually.
    Thanks for your help in advance.
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