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Some questions relating sharepoint lists

Last post 07-18-2010 05:41 AM by eddyblanco. 3 replies.
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  • 07-15-2010 08:02 AM

    Some questions relating sharepoint lists

    Hello everyone, I have some problems I need to face while creating a certain list in sharepoint 2007 (must be in 2007 and cannot be in 2010), for an organization i work in. It uses only sharepoint and all office products so infopath is included. new applications can't be installed.

    1. I need that data in two different drop-down list boxes will be dependent. What I mean is that if for example the first drop-down list box offers me the options: deserts, drinks, main meal, then if one chooses deserts, the next drop-down list box will offer: chocklate cake, apple pie, and so on.

    2. I need that some of the columns of a sharepoint list will not be presented for the user when creating a new item.

    3. I need to create premissions for certain groups. For example, creating a group of empoyees and a group of managers, and the employees could edit only a certain columns, and others they won't have premissions (and same for managers)

    4. I need that during the creation of a new item, a checkbox will be presented, and if the user has checked it, then a message box will appear at the end of the creation of the new item. It is used to remind the user something he always forgets...

    I have more questions but these are the most important ones. Someone I have asked told me the mentioned problems can be resolved using InfoPath, and that it could be incorporated with sharepoint so that user will only see that sharepoint list (and not even know about infopath). However, though I tried many times to understand how, I am still stuck.

    Help will be appreciated, thanks in advance, Itay

  • 07-15-2010 04:08 PM In reply to

    Re: Some questions relating sharepoint lists

    Hi, you will need to use InfoPath to do this and you can do this using InfoPath "User Roles".

    Have you looked at implementing user roles already to handle the permissions.  The only way to get thd dependent drop down list boxes will be with InfoPath, you can't do that with SharePoint 2007 lists.


  • 07-17-2010 08:07 PM In reply to

    Re: Some questions relating sharepoint lists

    Hi Is there a way that I can implement all that in InfoPath, but the user interface will all be made with SharePoint? (I mean that users will do all the adding, editing and deleting of an item via SharePoint site, while the design of each item will be implemented in InfoPath) thanks ahead, Itay
  • 07-18-2010 05:41 AM In reply to

    Re: Some questions relating sharepoint lists

    Hello Googono2,

    For what I underestand. You want to create the user interface via Infopath and export "the look and feel" into SharePoint. Why not use form services?

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