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Updateing/Inserting to a primary data source..

Last post 11-30-2004 09:11 PM by dominic. 0 replies.
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  • 11-30-2004 09:11 PM

    • dominic
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    Updateing/Inserting to a primary data source..

    Hello all...
    I previously posted a question in the "Access" section of this forum and after alot of further research am still not able to solve the problem I'm having submitting changes to the backend Acces database. I cannot find any way programatically (by using JScript) to update or insert a database record or field e.g. UPDATE <DBname> SET <field1> = .... WHERE <field2> = ...etc.. or INSERT INTO... etc.... into the Access database. There doesn't appear to be any objects/methods that allow you to do this in the infopath object library? How can you have concurrent access by users, submitting a particular request form if you can't update the primary key in the backend database at the time the form is opened, programatically. I have tried eveything in the onLoad event area.. (but anything involving a submit() doesn't work cause the error comes up "there is no data to submit", no matter how many fields I programatically populate from in the underlying XML document) Therefore, if more than one user opens the ad hoc request form before the other closes theirs, and they both submit at some later time, you get duplicate primary keys? (assuming the next value for the PK is taken to be the MAX number + 1 in the primary key column, and both users get the same number for their form because there doesn't seem to a programatic way to update the PK field in the database as soon as the form Loads!). I find it hard to believe that infopath cannot support concurrent user access/submission using an access database as the backend because of this.. I am only asking this question again as I have tried everything/ searched all over the place and am starting to wonder wether it may not be possible to do this at all.. period. If anyone knows how to do this, or a forum/resource that might prove useful in solving this development problem please let me know. Any help.. pointers would be much appreciated.
    thanks again in advance...
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