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Qdabra Zero-ActiveX Contact Selector XTP

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Date Added: 01-17-2012


You want to use the InfoPath Contact Selector to add multiple contacts to your form, but:

  • Selecting multiple users with Contact Selector requires code
  • Contact Selector is an ActiveX control and requires installation on client machines
  • Contact Selector doesn’t work for browser-based forms when the user is not using Internet Explorer


Install Qdabra’s Zero-ActiveX Contact Selector XTP

  • Based on Qdabra’s qRules library – extend your InfoPath forms without writing code
  • Easy-to-add XML Template Part – just add custom control via the InfoPath 2007 Designer
  • Comes with pre-configured layout which saves you time – just drag and drop from the taskpane
  • No ActiveX – works with browser based forms

Quick Preview

In the screenshot, the user searched for all users with “admin” in their Active Directory records and then clicked on the arrows to add Jim Cantwell and Patrick Halstead to the form.


  • QdContactSelectorXTPContact Selector template part, no ActiveX required, no code.
  • InfoPath 2007 – template parts (XTPs) are not supported in InfoPath 2003.
  • Qdabra Database Accelerator – includes the Active Directory Web Service. Download a FREE trial here. Alternatively, you may purchase Qdabra’s Active Directory Standalone tool here.
  • Qdabra qRules v2.0 – add the most commonly requested InfoPath features without the need of writing code. Download a FREE trial here.
  • Admin-deploy to SharePoint – qRules is a library that contains code, so when you publish your form to SharePoint you need to publish it as an administrator approved form. This requirement goes away for SharePoint 2010.



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