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This is a video demonstration of Qdabra DBXL (Database Accelerator) performance with focus on Submit Document and QuerySharePoint Web Services. Learn why DBXL could be the right product for you. Click...
01-17-2012 672 Download
File Size 74.2kB
Qdabra’s Active Directory Web Service is used to obtain users' authenticated information and integrates with InfoPath forms without the need of writing code. It can also be used in browser-enabled...
01-17-2012 673 Download
File Size 70.4kB
This is a video demonstration of using the Qdabra DBXL (Database Accelerator) Web Service to extract data from InfoPath forms into a SQL database for enhanced reporting. Please click the DOWNLOAD button...
01-17-2012 654 Download
File Size 74.9kB
Problem You want to use the InfoPath Contact Selector to add multiple contacts to your form, but: Selecting multiple users with Contact Selector requires code Contact Selector is an ActiveX control and...
01-17-2012 969 Download
This is a video demo of QuerySharePoint Web Service. Qdabra’s Database Accelerator (DBXL and WSSP) allows you to obtain data from a SharePoint list by using QuerySharePoint. This demonstration is a step...
01-17-2012 737 Download
File Size 71.8kB
This is a video demo of Qdabra's qWSSP featuring QueryDB in conjuction with Query Builder. This demo will guide you on how to implement a static query using QueryDB Web Service. Please click on DOWNLOAD...
01-17-2012 669 Download
File Size 75.9kB
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