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  • Re: Best Time/Place to Run Code?

    Jimmy: I would prefer to avoid unnecessary code as well. How do you use Default Value to specify different data per row in a repeating table? It's not intuitive to me how you would do that. I know you can use position() to get the row number, but I've not seen a way to set up something like If...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by nkstrou on 03-14-2012
  • Possible to Conditionally Disable Checkbox Based on Current View - without Custom Code?

    Hi InfoPathers: I have 2 views in my InfoPath 2010 filler form, one called Configuration and one called Test Plan. The idea is that a developer fills in the configuration information for a team setup, that causes certain tests to appear on the test plan page, and a tester goes off and runs those tests...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by nkstrou on 02-28-2012
  • Rolling Updates - Web Form

    Hi, I currently have a web form with a repeating table; inside that repeating table I have the following: - A single line text field that stamps it with the userid and now function - A rich textbox where the user can enter in comments Basically what I'd like to do is capture the last comment and...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Joey_86 on 01-19-2012
  • Repeating Table, Copy selection and count values

    Hi, I'm working on a infopath (2010) form for a PhoneCompany and i have 2 issues to cover, I can't find a direct post to help me with the issues.. gonna try to explain them here First of all, I'm wondering if the presented issues can be resolved without using programming code Issue 1: I have...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by Shifthappenz on 04-27-2011
  • Eval/Concat with conditions

    I am trying to set an approvedBy text field with values of a repeating table field called approvalName. I was able to do this perfectly with the following formula: eval(eval(approval, 'concat(my:approvalName, ", ")'), "..") My issue is that there are names in the approvalName...
    Posted to General (Forum) by utcwp01 on 07-14-2010
  • Infopath 2003: Populating text box with repeating table information.

    I have a form with two repeating tables in it. One repeating table allows the person filling out the form to add rows as this is for user information, the other does not, as it is a static list to make selections from. I have the data filtered so that it will populate a text box in a different view....
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by nebock on 03-06-2009
  • Creating an outline numbering scheme????

    I have a situation where I need to created the following using nested repeating sections and/or tables: 1. Main Item One 1.1 Sub Item One 1.1.1 Sub Sub Item One 1.1.2 Sub Sub Item Two 1.2 Sub Item Two 1.2.1 Sub Sub Item One 2. Main Item Two 2.1 Sub Item One etc. I have no problem creating the numbering...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by PhDUltra on 03-25-2008
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