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  • Re: Repeating Table Preceding Sibling

    my problem is same I am trying to use the preceding-sibling formula but it is not working keep saying "preceding-sibling::Vacatoin_Info/Used_Vac_Hrs" does not point to a valid location path of a field or group. MY Xpath whos default value i want to set basaed on the previous field (Used_Vac_Hrs...
    Posted to General (Forum) by iengineer86 on 03-08-2016
  • Repeating Table Preceding Sibling

    I have a repeating table where I enter a value. When I insert a new row and enter another value, I want the value of the previous row to be taken-away from the current row. Currently I have it working for the first 2 rows, but when I insert a third row it is taking the first rows value and taking...
    Posted to General (Forum) by barrymurphy on 10-02-2015
  • nested repeating tables

    I have an InfoPath timecard form that has a repeating section within a repeating section: myFields Section1 > Section1a >> RepeatingTable1 (weekday:Sun - Sat) >>> Section >>>> Section >>>>> RepeatingTable2 (multiple codes/lines per day) >>>>>>...
    Posted to General (Forum) by yo_pb on 08-12-2015
  • Need help on inserting text box and repeating table under same section of infopath 2010

    hi, I have a form with the following structure -Group1 -field1 -x -y -field2 Where field1 is repeating table and field2 is hyperlink field under same group. Programmatically, I want to insert rows to that field1 keeping field2 blank or readonly. But, I am unable to...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Swapnajun27 on 09-21-2013
  • Delete current row from repeating table in Infopath 2010 webform on SPS 2010

    Hi folks, I was trying to delete the current row in a repeating table using a button in the row itself with an action to run the command: concat("Delete /xpath=/my:ElectronicChangeControlForm/my:TaskSection/my:TaskTable/my:Task[", count(preceding-sibling:: my:Task ) + 1, "]") Which...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by martinjgreen on 12-02-2012
  • Re: Autogenerated Row Number

    We are trying to generate auto number in a repeating table. The repeating table is known as "group 20" and we want to assign a IDNumber(field117) to each repeating row. We have tried the formula count(../preceding-sibling::field117)+1 We repeated get the error message that field117 is not a...
    Posted to General (Forum) by _ATS_ on 01-15-2009
  • Template Part schema changes when inserted into a form?

    I'm struggling with my template parts. It seems that every time I add my template part into a new form, it loses the schema context. Let me explain. In my template part I have the following Schema: UserGroup (repeating group) UG_ServerName UG_ApplicationName In the conditional formatting of UG_Server...
    Posted to General (Forum) by smaus on 06-03-2008
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