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  • How do I bind a repeating table to a datasource but still allow insert/delete?

    I have a form that pulls data from a database through a webservice, andI have this datasource bound to a repeating table. What I would like to be able to do is to insert/edit/ or delete records in this repeating table so that when chages are done I can use another webservice to write this corrected table...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by showet on 05-04-2010
  • Drop Down List - Looking up data on Sharepoint list

    Dear All, I have recently been asked to assist a colleague on implementing some InfoPath forms, that use Sharepoint lists as there source of data. The form I am implementing, is to list software required to be installed on PCs. We have a list on a sharepoint site, where these are stored, for example...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by wyerarch on 10-24-2007
  • Check box with Repeating Table

    Hi, I'm using Infopath 2003. Using Repeating Table to display data from database. I should allow the user to select specific records to export or delete operations. Planned to add a checkbox besides each record in the repeating table so that the user can select records. Question is how do I bind...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by Kalpana on 10-17-2007
  • Re: InfoPath form from an existing Data Source

    I figured out my last question...thanks for all your have bee a life saver!
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by m181354 on 09-17-2007
  • Re: InfoPath form from an existing Data Source

    I posted several items on the forum and have been given helpful hints but I still don't have a solution. I thought I would email you my question so I can put it all together on one spot and I will also post it. I have an Infopath form that I created using an existing database, I did this because...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by m181354 on 09-14-2007
  • Re: InfoPath form from an existing Data Source

    When I created my first form, I selected the default form and not an exsting data source, does it use an XML file that Infopath builds for you as you create controls?
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by m181354 on 09-13-2007
  • Repeating Table

    I have a drop-down control where the user selects a location. I need to populate a repeating table based on their selection. So, I pick Kanas City and then the repeating table gives me Name, Email, Phone of each person in Kansas City. All of my datasources are in Sharepoint lists. I tried the Binding...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by murphyadam on 04-24-2007
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