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  • Adding rows from list to repeating table

    Hi, I am using InfoPath/SharePoint 2010 in browser, i.e. no code solutions only I have a form to collect income data, daily amounts and weekly total. Data has to be collected against about a dozen fixed nominal codes and a handful of miscellaneous nominal codes. The form all works OK but the nominal...
    Posted to General (Forum) by GuyBoswell on 04-01-2015
  • SP/IP 2010 .xsn form created in Workflow instead of .xml

    I am stumped. I have a Library (must be a library due to repeating tables) - PO Creator.... Sales guys can create a new PO and submit to service for work. The PO# is unique - I am using it for the filename. My issue is that most of the time sales will not want to "release" the PO# to the service...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by csigler on 01-03-2014
  • Pull selections from one list into a separate control.

    I am trying to automate my departments Active Directory requests using an InfoPath form. I am trying to have our users select what folders and what type of access they need have it submit to my office. I just keep running into one problem at the end. Right now, I have a form that you can select a person's...
    Posted to General (Forum) by jmallen on 01-14-2013
  • Make repeating table rows unique

    Hi I have a form with an external data connection that pulls in items from a SharePoint list based on a query in form load: [AgendaItem] = [List:AgendaItem]. These items are displayed in a repeating table. There can be more than one of the same [AgendaItem] in the list. What I want to do is hide the...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Carel on 10-11-2012
  • Repeating Table in a List

    Hi Sorry if this is elsewhere on here but I couldn't find any mention of it. I have been creating a form using the SharePoint List Template. I have now been told that I need to include a repeating table but I don't have a control available to me. Is there any way I can add this or am I going...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Kazzahere on 06-28-2012
  • Search Sharepoint List Column Promoted With Merged Data From InfoPath 2003 Repeating Tables

    I am promoting a repeating table's information to a sharepoint list. I am using option 'merge' to list all values on the sharepoint list. SharePoint filters or form web part doesn't allow searching the values in this column. Is there a way to search the list column created by merging...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by smate on 05-13-2009
  • Populate text boxes in a repeating table, when dropdown is selected (source SharePoint List)

    Hello, I am having the following problem, I have a SharePoint List with the collumns: Function: Name: Email: ABC Svetoslav and so on I have 6 entries(rows). I am using a repeating table in InfoPath form to represent the functionality to enter as much entries(names) as the user require...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by Svetoslav on 02-17-2009
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