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  • Extracting Text from Form To List

    I'll try to explain this as best I can. I just started with this organization. A user submits a form to SharePoint using InfoPath (both 2010). The form contains a repeating table section. There is a date field in the form that is not a promoted field. The organization doesn't want to promote...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by jlarremore on 09-23-2014
  • How to make a "main" entry field copy for each row of a repeating table?

    Hello I am using a repeating table to collect data which is submitted to an Access database. One of the pieces of data I am collecting is a username, first name, last name, and date. What I would like to happen is for a user to enter each of these items once and for them to be included with each row...
    Posted to Microsoft Access (Forum) by akamphaus on 05-13-2013
  • Retrieving data from multiple fields with same value

    I have built a form based on the database template and hope want to pull records based on two mutually exclusive fields. Basically I have a table that has a username and a contactname field which contain an employee identifier. In theory if the username field has a value then the contactname should be...
    Posted to Microsoft Access (Forum) by mxdems28 on 11-14-2012
  • Creating calc object inside of a repeating table (InfoPath2010 published to SharePoint 2010)

    I am able to add the calc object, add text fields and make them calc, and add buttons that auto calc a field... Problem is none of the options for doing calcs are working properly. the most I can get it to is add to fields numeric values... but I need much more than that. Please Help!!! Here is a description...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by awolf on 04-20-2012
  • How to allow for continual editing of records?

    Hello, I would like to set up my form so as to allow the user to progressively update records. This way, the user is able to submit as much information as is available at a given time, but may go back in and add or edit later, if desired. My form is connected to an Access 2007 database, and is laid out...
    Posted to Microsoft Access (Forum) by Javiator on 03-31-2011
  • Submit Button Doesn't Work

    I have an InfoPath 2007 form connected to an Access 2007 database, and yes, I started the IP template by telling it I wanted to connect to the Access DB. My Form has 3 pages: a query page where the user can see if their record exists or start a new record, and 2 pages for filling out the actual form...
    Posted to Microsoft Access (Forum) by nkstrou on 02-23-2011
  • Sanity Check - Is Master/Detail Right Control for What I Want to Do?

    Hi all I have an InfoPath 2007 form bound to an Access 2007 database, and I have two questions pertaining to a Master/Detail control I want to set up. My database and form are for tracking requests that people put in to create a new support group in our trouble ticketing application. My main data connection...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by nkstrou on 02-23-2011
  • How can I create a drop-down list box for each row in a repeating table?

    I'm creating an "order form" that displays an inventory list from an Access db. The goal is to have a user then change a "quantity" field to the right of each inventory item, to reflect how many of the item they want to order. To get the data to appear in the form I've attached...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by geoffgarcia on 01-22-2010
  • Rules... challange :)

    Problem : I have a repeating table where are fileds: Category ( drop-down list box) Product Name : ( drop-down list box) which has two rules 1 - for field Code, 2 - for field Price; to auto-fill Code (text box) Quantity (text box) Price (text box) Value (text box) Source: Access (eventually - sharepoint...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by Tesoro on 01-06-2010
  • Show Blank Repeating Tables

    Hello All: My issue is that I have an InfoPath 2003 form with an Access 2003 dbase. Part of the InfoPath 2003 form contains a repeating that I've added some Data Validation issue is that when a user queries the dbase to pull up a record the repeating table is collapsed (hidden) and the user...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by gdgonzal on 07-23-2009
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