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  • Dropdown in a repeating section - Insert new item allowed.

    Hello I have a dropdown and a text box in a repeating section. I want to allow users to add new sections. However, what I dont want is users selecting same values in the dropdown for inserted sections. To sum up, I would like only unique values to be selected in the dropdowns. Can this be achieved without...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by amarnathsahu on 08-02-2010
  • conditional formatting based on cascading listbox

    Good Afternoon All, I have a repeating table within a repeating section. The repeating table is a cascading listbox pulling from a secondary data source (working perfectly thanks to all the great blogs!). Within the repeating section, but outside of the repeating table I have several sections with conditional...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by jecowley on 04-19-2010
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