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  • Combine the totals of a table in a repeating section and a repeating table

    I am looking to combine the sum of totals from a table within a repeating section and a separate repeating table (both are bound to the same datafields) but having an issue where that any total retrieved from the repeating section are added to each expense category row rather than the expense category...
    Posted to General (Forum) by jorow on 02-06-2014
  • Hyperlink in Repeating Section Not Repeating

    Hopefully this goes into the controls group! I am building a form and I have a repeating section. Within that section, I have a field that allows the user to select a tactic from a drop down. This then populates a hyperlink based on an external data connection. I can get that to work no problem. However...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by kmanocchiolewis on 01-14-2014
  • Add non-repeating (read-only) SP data source to form

    Using: infoPath 2013 connecting to SP2013 list. Main group (myFields) is in a repeating section. I'm attempting to add a secondary (read-only) data source from a SP list to serve as a department lookup. Every attempt to add the data source results in it being set as a repeating section and the repeating...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by Gman914 on 12-11-2013
  • Move insert button and hint text beside a Repeating Section

    So far I've found the answer to be "no" but am looking to see if anyone has any tips for a way to move the insert button and hint text and have it BESIDE the repeating section instead of BELOW it. More specifically, I'd like to accomplish this without using code.. Anyone know of a way...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by Steve Dark on 11-25-2013
  • using email addresses in a repeating section and merging in SharePoint 2010

    Hello, I have a repeating section in a form that contains a single line of text field that stores an email address. I set the fields to merge in a field in SharePoint form library. I now want to store the values in a variable to be used in a notification workflow step. The problem is that it doesn't...
    Posted to General (Forum) by plakerl on 10-29-2013
  • Multiple Repeating Tables

    I have had a request to design an Infopath form where that if a particular item is selected from a drop down menu in a repeating table it will then open a repeating section and create a new repeating table within that section. An additional caveat to this is that if the same item is selected more than...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by jorow on 10-16-2013
  • Need help on inserting text box and repeating table under same section of infopath 2010

    hi, I have a form with the following structure -Group1 -field1 -x -y -field2 Where field1 is repeating table and field2 is hyperlink field under same group. Programmatically, I want to insert rows to that field1 keeping field2 blank or readonly. But, I am unable to...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Swapnajun27 on 09-21-2013
  • Autopopulating a field in a repeating section from a data source

    Hello IP Gods...I'm stuck =( I have an infopath form with a repeating section in it. Inside the repeating section is a field I want to autopopulate from a secondary based upon information on the form. So it would be something like this: */Filter Criteria/* Country Office Goals */Repeating Section...
    Posted to Data Connections (Forum) by RegolithDev on 08-20-2013
  • Double eval erroring out

    Hello all, I'm having trouble implementing a double eval function for a repeating section. In essence, what I'm trying to do is to combine all checkbox values from a repeating section into a single field for search purposes. This will probably be a long post as the requirement is a little complex...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by RegolithDev on 08-13-2013
  • Repeating table issue calculating No code.

    Hello All, I am having an issue calculating a value * another value in an calculated field from data in a repeating table. What I want is for the form to calculate the List price * the qty field and in the Total list price calculated value field give me the total. The total list price is not apart of...
    Posted to General (Forum) by RVENTURA on 08-12-2013
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