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  • InfoPath form having issues connecting to Access database

    I am coming on here because I was assigned a project to help collect work data (#'s of each task completed) and I have set up the database and form in the shared network drive. The form submits perfectly for me, but when anyone else (even those with NO restrictions in network drive) tries to submit...
    Posted to Microsoft Access (Forum) by Spotswood on 05-18-2016
  • InfoPath 2013 vs InfoPath 2010 (Data source compability issue)

    Hello, at first I would like to apologies for my English, I’m working on it. I’v got a problem, when I created an InfoPath 2013 Filler Form and added secondary data source with an MS Access table. I left "automatically retrieve data when the form opens" selected. Everything is going to be fine...
    Posted to Microsoft Access (Forum) by kromeda on 08-08-2015
  • Question about filtering SQL data

    Hi there After spending a whole day with trying to make a SQL connection to work, I'm almost giving up. I'm using InfoPath 2010, Browser-enabled Form (deployed to Sharepoin 2010) I previously created a SQL receive data connection to a table, lets call it PhoneNumbers. The table has the following...
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by kenger on 10-08-2014
  • Change in Form Template SharePoint location causing linking Issue

    Hi, My Infopath forms(originally developed in IP 2003 and later enhancements using IP 2007 [backward compatibility]) were published to SP 2007 site. Now we are moving to SP 2010 site and am successfull in publishing all my forms to SP 2010 site. Also am able to fill and submit forms after publishing...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by Daisy510 on 09-26-2014
  • How to make a "main" entry field copy for each row of a repeating table?

    Hello I am using a repeating table to collect data which is submitted to an Access database. One of the pieces of data I am collecting is a username, first name, last name, and date. What I would like to happen is for a user to enter each of these items once and for them to be included with each row...
    Posted to Microsoft Access (Forum) by akamphaus on 05-13-2013
  • Form submission with repeating tables

    Hi I've created a browser compatible 'staff timesheet' in infopath 2010 where I have general/staff information at the top, i.e. Date, Staff Number, Name, etc. At the bottom of the form I have a repeating table listing work done in relation to all the above details. As I'm a Pivot Table...
    Posted to General (Forum) by sammyg83 on 07-23-2012
  • Sharepoint 2010 Infopath An error occurred querying a data source. The database returns an error.

    Hello, I have a infopath form that connects to a SQL database to pull data. I have a UDCX file on the sharepoint server and have gone as far as giving the form full Trust etc. The form works both locally and on the infopath client. Once published it only works on the client and not on the browser...
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by BrunoAdv on 09-08-2011
  • A few questions?

    Hello Forum Members, My name is Martijn and I'm from Holland and I'm looking for help. I've searced the web for clear answers for my question but haven't found them yet so I will ask them myself. I currently working with a non-profit foundation which need to retrieve online data from...
    Posted to General (Forum) by martijn_vl on 08-09-2011
  • What is a SQL Server?

    I working on a project for a non-profit organisation. Afterwards this projects donors need to be able to fill out a form which I've created in Infopath 2010. The data from the form need to be placed in a database wherefrom the organisation can read the data with Microsoft Access. Is SQL Server a...
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by martijn_vl on 08-09-2011
  • Infopath and Postgres

    Hi all, We have recently installed SharePoint 2011, using Infopath to do a lot of form development, will be doing all our reporting from SharePoint using our current database Postgres. Our problem at the moment is we cannot get InfoPath to connect to Postgres?. If anyone has ever been able to connect...
    Posted to Data Connections (Forum) by Jorg Both on 07-10-2011
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